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  1. Morgan


    Me too!!!
  2. Hi everyone! I've quit smoking loads of times and somehow keep getting myself back into this hole. I'm giving it a go once again and really want this to be my last time. It is such a shame I've fallen back into this so many times - even lost a 3 year quit! My husband is a smoker, so even though i go long periods of not... they are around and easily accessible. But at this point, this is something I just have to move past and not let it stand in my way. I plan to be back on the boards and starting tomorrow with my NOPE pledge. Thank you all for the support this forum provides. I'm happy to be back with you all even if I wish it was under better circumstances. ❤
  3. Suprisingly, it isnt too bad when you actively control your thoughts around smoking. Over time every time he would smoke i started to feel glad that wasnt me anymore. I lost my way though and my thoughts changed. The mind is a powerful thing.
  4. These are my favorite movies.... i could watch them millions of times and not get tired lol Independence Day Spirited Away Howls Moving Castle Warm Bodies
  5. My husband is still a smoker so they are always accessible - this is my first "problem".. if i would have had to go to the store and buy cigarettes I never would have. I was struggling emotionally for a few months and wrestling with depression which didnt help the situation. I was just very triggered. I should not have let myself slip like that. I didnt even really want a cigarette that badly.. i just thought i could handle it and clearly i couldnt the lies my brain told itself.
  6. Congrats on 18 days! You got this!
  7. Hi Everyone! I wish I had better news but after 3 years free I slipped this past month. At first it was one here and there and now it is a full fledged problem. I'm here to get back on track and be free again. This wonderful community helped me the first time around and I am back for help again. I will be committing to NOPE tomorrow and hope to get past this terrible lapse in judgement. ❤
  8. sorry I've been MIA - I have been doing A-ok with this quit!! But running a lot - I've just kept myself to exhausted to worry about smoking! :D
  9. I dont struggle too much with depression - and this quit, I am actually remaining pretty OK overall. But I exercise a LOT - I still have my moments but my overall control over my emotions is doing OK this time around. I remember the first time I quit smoking though (man 5 years ago!) and all i did was lay in bed and cry for months when I wasn't at work. It was like... go to work, go home, lay in bed and cry - it was really quite crazy -- so I completely think quitting smoking can effect your mood. At least for me the first time around, I finally did even out after several months. I actually started running and that is what helped me.
  10. Great to read this! :) You are doing great!

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