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  1. Thank you! You're going to make it too....Congratulations to you too! Its STICKY QUITS for each of us!! C U tomorrow for the NOPE pledge!
  2. This relapse lasted a long time. It's been ugly and difficult, full of justification, rationalization, and the belief that I just can't quit. I remember how good I felt during my long quit a few years ago. I remember being able to enjoy the smell of my shampoo, toothpaste, and mouthwash all day long. I remember being able to take a deep breath. I remember when the wheezing and crackling went away. I remember having more energy. I remember the fear of smoking related diseases was starting to ease. I remember not having to worry about how my breath and hair smelled. I remember how good my mouth tasted. I remember the feeling of victory and accomplishment, that I did something so incredibly difficult, & I did it for me and my health. Tomorrow morning I put a patch on. I am reclaiming my health and my life. I remember how delicious ice cold water tasted. I remember food tasting better. I remember how delicious ice cold water tasted, so crisp and clean and healthy. I've missed you all, this is the best smoking cessation board that I have ever found. Thank you for welcoming me back, which I'm sure you will do.
  3. Hi Pancakes! Wow that was close. No way could I drink and maintain my quit. I don't drink....I gave up my right to drink or use other drugs because I got addicted and am now in recovery, clean and sober. Oh how I wish I could drink sometimes. Especially at get togethers. But I can't. I know I just can't, unless I want my life and health to fall apart. I'm trying to apply that same surety to smoking. I guess the point of this post is to say that for me, drinking is very very dangerous because the desire to smoke becomes stronger and the strength to fight the desire wanes. Not telling anyone else what to do but for me, its very dangerous.
  4. Cookie? Are you still here? How are you?
  5. Thank you for the welcome back, DoreensFree! N O P E
  6. I WILL NOT SMOKE TODAY. Boy I woke up several times before I woke up "for good" and through the fog of not being all the way awake I was wanting to smoke SO BAD. It was so bad I even thought there was no reason to get up because there was nothing worth looking forward to if I couldn't smoke. I wasn't all the way awake when I was thinking this but that's what I was feeling. Now that I'm awake, the urge to smoke is there but the desire is not. Not really. What a sick addiction. I am wearing a patch now because I tried so many times to quit cold turkey. I want to quit cold turkey so bad but since I kept giving in and relapsing I thought well, I can do THAT again or I can try something different, be patient and understanding with myself and try the NRT way. Its definitely more comfortable but I don't like that its going to be so long before I'm nicotine free. On the other hand, if it takes months to be nicotine free at least I'll get there...if I keep trying and failing to quit cold turkey then at the end of the same amount of time I COULD be still smoking.
  7. Thanks you guys. Its really nice to be thought of and cared about! Runsfree ty for thinking about me! The suspicious cells they found are precancerous not cancer. They have to be watched but pose no immediate threat thank God. I smoked for two months after getting that news....addiction is insane
  8. Im back after a few months relapse and thrilled to be back, even if Im a lil cranky.
  9. Ty James. Thats what I would tell someone else but Im not as nice to myself. We are all like that to a degree, i think.
  10. Today is Day Two. I'm slinking in with my head hanging. I'm done...no more! Please Michelle no more!

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