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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to write a message here to say thank you to all those who responded to my original post here when I introduced myself. I have now been quit for about 6 months, things are only looking up and I absolutely love my new smoke free life! I have never been one for "support groups" and I felt like I might end up pouring out my heart and soul to you lot when the quit got hard so I posted under the name "Luke" in case anyone I knew in real life read my posts... haha stupid, I know. Even though it's not an important detail, my name is Ryan and I am proud to say I am a non-smoker! So nice to meet you for real this time. :) Anyway you guys are awesome and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being here! After I failed my first time, as gracious as you all were about it, I really felt like I let you guys down and it made me want to strike out on my own to avoid wasting your time with more failed quits. It was still comforting knowing that there were people out there who had taken that step though and who had faced the struggles I was facing. I thought about the advice I received often, such as protecting the quit, accepting that ex-smokers are different from non-smokers and we are always going to be nicotine junkies. So while I wasn't here giving my daily pledge I suppose that provided a sort of connection to the group anyway. Some advice that I found really useful for getting me through the really hard times were some words of wisdom from my brother. He told me, "quitting smoking is like breaking up with your ex - once you break up you can't ever hit that again," and while there is something to be said about me finding a sex-related anology the most effective method for quitting, it was pretty damn effective. I thought about the amount of explaining I had to do once I got myself back into bed with an ex numerous times because I simply gave into my passions, and I reflected on the trouble it brought, emotional heartache etc. etc. This really helped frame how messy things would get for me if I let smoking back into my life. :) So best of luck to all the new quitters and once again, thank you to the veterans of this forum, I may be back every now and again to add my two cents. :) Au revoir!
  2. Hey guys. So you're probably not surprised but I started smoking again. I went for just under 3 months and lit up again with my friend a few weeks ago (who said I'd never be able to quit haha) as much as he tried to discourage me from doing it I gave up on defending my quit. Some girl at work accused me of fondling her which wasn't true but she wanted my shifts. I didn't know who I could talk to at work because it's a restaurant full of girls. I work with my girlfriend too and she didn't know what to believe. Anyway all the managers came around to my side and saw what a pig this girl is and now her shifts are getting cut after I said I won't work with her. I started working out at the gym almost from day 1 when I quit and loved it so much so that I signed up to a personal training course which would have been starting now but I can't afford it. My car broke down and cost a small fortune to repair, work cut my hours over school holidays to use students for cheap labour, I had to replace my phone which died and defer my personal training course for a few months because I can't make repayments. So now I'm housebound pretty much and just feeling down all the time. I've bought myself 3 packets over this week to pass time but I really don't wanna get back into it. I know these are the sort of things life throws at everyone and I'll have to face it without cigarettes next time. Thanks for the message by the way Marti. I'm sorry I stopped dropping in.
  3. That's not weird at all. :lol:
  4. Nice Michelle! Remember this week is your most mentally challenging so treat it like training. Nicotine is completely out of your system after 3 days around abouts so the rest of your quit depends on your will power and commitment to your pledge! Soon you won't know why you even wanted one
  5. What's the pendant for?
  6. This chick is like a female version of Rod Stewart :lol:

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