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Two weeks today!!


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I can't believe it's been two weeks already. It feels like a simultaneously short and long time. I've been doing really well with coping with cravings. They haven't been horrible, and when I do get to the point where all I can think about is smoking, I chew some nicotine gum, and I'm good. I'm chewing 2 to 3 pieces a day. That's it. I think this will probably be my routine for the near future, and then I'll start cutting down on the gum slowly.


I can totally do this. What am I saying, I am doing this! And I feel good!! I've been working out every day, and eating better now. I majorly pigged out last week. I didn't care. Anything edible... yeah, I ate it. And I loved every bite. Whatever, I wasn't smoking! 


However, this week, it's a different story. I'm getting married to my husband next Friday and my dress is super tight. Like, I can't take a deep breath or sit down tight. Oh, and it's kinda a long story, but basically we eloped, didn't tell anyone, and are having what people think is our real wedding next Friday. And, in a way, it is our real wedding. The legal piece of paper has already been signed, but that's the marriage side of it. I see them as separate things, the marriage and the wedding. This is our wedding—our ceremony where we pledge ourselves to each other in front of all our friends and family, and then we celebrate!


That was another reason why I wanted to quit. My family doesn't know that I smoked so I didn't want to try to hide from them that day to smoke a cigarette. And now I don't have to!


So yeah, things are good. I've got a sustainable routine down, I'm working out and eating right, and I have things to look forward to. Yay!!

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I was just wondering how you were doing!  Such great news!!!  Keep at it and use the gum as you need it.  Eventually you won't need it at all, but better to chew gum than smoke!


So happy for you!!! :)

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