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One week until 20 years Quit.


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One week until 20 years.


The life we all live has/had nothing to do with smoking tobacco. It never did! Smoking was incorporated into our lives and only brought weeds. Wastage of time, money, health, addiction.

Quitting is/was never a problem. It is only a process we all go through.


If someone had told me when I was 39 that I would quit for 20 years I would have raised my cynical eyes more at myself than the statement. Having “giving” up smoking over a thousand times in various increments of time. I deemed myself a weak, spineless jellyfish. My friends had quit for 15 years over a £10 bet; yet I an educated😏 person could not find a logical/spiritual plan.


If someone had asked me at 40 that I would quit for 20 years. I would probably have agreed. What made the difference was not a convergence of the planets or meeting a guru. I realised that the problem was right under my nose. I kept smoking! I kept smoking after various holidays from smoking. From a minute until a year.... Why did I keep going back even when I had gone through the initial turmoil of early quitting?

My answer was I must not smoke ever again in my life. Eureka! What ever happened I would not smoke until I died. The idea clicked. This was before I had ever heard abut NOPE.

I love NOPE and what it means.


There is no reason why I can/should/will ever smoke.

As the months passed it dawned on me that not only is there a chasm between life and quitting smoking but they are only connected by a memory. Quitting plays no role in heartbreak/love within your life. It is a process that goes along like breathing and your heart beat. You have to stay still to detect it. It gets much harder to detect the “quit” after 2 years. You can even forget the date you quit. Hard to believe after 3 months.


For me it felt “normal” not to smoke after 7 months. Life just went on...

After 15 months it felt “natural” to be a non smoker. I felt like a non smoker.. Only 15 months and since then I have felt the same way. It does not get better and better. IMO eventually you settle into being a non smoker.


The best celebration without a doubt us the first year. So much has happened. 4 seasons and so many things have changed in your conscious/unconscious life. The pinnacle as your so aware of it. Bathe in it.....


By now you should have encompassed some extremes in your life. If not remember life and quitting are not entwined. You made your decision to quit and life will throw an extreme event. Once you have traversed this- you are practically there. Last month I carried my mother's coffin into church. 13 years I did the same with my father. Smoking and grief are not compatible to a non smoker.

I saw that NOPE means “Never”.




Protect your “quit” from the endless events of life.


This board is really for people in the first year and especially the first few weeks. It feels like being in a fog the first few weeks/ months. You must have faith that the fog will clear. It always does....


It is not a cliché, “ if I can do it , anyone can”. Most people looking back feel how fragile the start was. A minute/hour/day is often what matters in the beginning.. The same for me and everyone but it does change and quicker than you think, but the first year is critical.


As the years go by you forget but I gave upon my birthday, so a double celebration.

20 years quit and 60 years of age. NOPE




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Happy 20 and 60 and make it a double celebration for the ages!  You've now kept your quit for a third of your lifetime and counting. Congratulations, and thanks for the inspiration to all quitters, old and new.

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Excellent! Congratulations on 20 and Happy 60th! I appreciate your words. The personal stories on this site have  helped me the most and yours today have given me so much to look forward to. I’m at 6 months. Looking forward to a year! Looking forward to 20!!! 🤗

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What a great post @breath, thank you for sharing it. I'm sure its going to help all those just starting their new smoke free life. Have a wonderful 20th anniversary and an awesome 60th birthday!😊



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I remember when Babs, jenny, Sarge, Jonny5, Christobal and others were just starting. Literally only a a few weeks. Now they have 9 years and some are a couple of months away from 10 years. It can be done and will be done if you Never take another puff....keep the quit and not one puff ever.

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I remember you having ten years when I started. Envious for sure.  Thought if I could be there it would be so easy.  Well at 9 it is easy.  Thanks for posting

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