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  1. Day 7 of not smoking. Busy weekend volunteering at the local disc golf course. I don't even play disc golf.
  2. 100 pushups + 3 sets of 10 each of overhead rock tossing and log flipping.
  3. Made it through the day. Thx all. The posts really help.
  4. Very envious. 100 pushups done. + 3.5mi walk, 15 kettle bell swings, 15 horizontal lat pulls, 30 situps
  5. When I quit last time, one thing that helped me through a craving was asking my self if that next cigarette was worth $4000 and the 7000 that would come with it over the next year. That's because I have never been able to start another quit attempt within in year. Well, I quit for 44 days, then started smoking again, and managed to start my quit again about a week later. I had my wife hide my car keys for 3 days so I would not have access to go get cigarettes. Well, it's day 4 and they are sitting on the table now. It's very easy to quit smoking when it is physically impossible to access cigarettes. There isn't much psychological withdraw because your mind simple accepts that there is no option. And I must say, although I started the quit again and got to 3 days, I'm still in a daze about it all. It's like I'm just going through the motions of quitting this time. Before I felt positive, this time, somewhere in my mind, is something saying "sure you quit, but you know it won't last". Well, I'm rambling and have to start working, so I'll talk to you later.
  6. Luddite definition: "The Luddites were a secret oath-based organisation of English textile workers in the 19th century, a radical faction which destroyed textile machinery through protest." Oh wait, it also means adverse to technology. lol Welcome to the group. I just lost a 44day quit a week ago and am on day 3 now. Not because I thought I could handle just 1 or any of the other reasons that jump into your head. I don't believe anyone honestly believes they can handle just one at some point. They simply say screw it cause they want the mind to stop bugging them to have one. And now I'm extremely depressed for having done it. Maybe the thought of the depression will wake me up the next time I think "just screw it". Cigarettes are on of the oddities in the drug world. I binge drank at parties and did a lot of other "stuff" that had no addictive affect on me. Some drugs have no addictive affect on some but others they do. Cigarettes on the other hand are pretty much always addictive. There is the occassional person you hear about who only smokes at a party or something, by far, most are a slave to nicotine after a very short period of use.
  7. I started a Nov100 pushups a day for 30 days challenge yesterday (any combination of sets). So..., I did 100 pushups. Also went on a 3mi walk.
  8. Thanks all. Today marks day 2. Getting through the first 3 days will be easy again. As I did before, I had my wife hide my car keys. When you physically can not get to the cigarettes, it really diminishes what you perceive as physical withdraws. The mojo is low this time though. It's like saving up a million dollars, then blowing it one night gambling, and thinking "well, I'll just start again". But time will get me over the depression of failing my previous quit. Hopefully this time I can remember how this depression feels when I get the urges to smoke. Any yes, you all can hit me in the head w/ a frying pan whenever you think I need it.
  9. So I made it to 44 days. My work trip got extended though and the long work days away from home finally brought me to the point I gave in and smoked on 10/23. So I failed my previous quit. I have no issue w/ the term fail, I did not meet my objective which was to not smoke again, and therefore failed the objective. And pretty much instantly I was back up to full addiction resuming my previous pack a day. Any lessons learned? No. It was a long, stressful work trip, but I knew what I was doing, when I did it, and knew what the result would be. So now I get the joy of not only losing the 44 days of red X's on my calendar I worked so hard to get and was so proud of, I get to go through the 3 days of nicotine withdraw. Someone hit me in the head w/ the skillet. Anyone know how to reset the ticker start date?
  10. Sorry I've been out of touch for a bit. Got called to do a last minute test for work out of state and working 12hr days plus data analysis. Probably won't be back till next Monday. Being away from home for first time is creating new kinds of cravings. Still hanging in there. Today marks 6 weeks.
  11. I just spent 15 min typing about the cravings I've been having today because it is such a nice cool, breezy day which is the type of day I would really enjoy hiking and a smoke. Deleted it all because it was rambling and I got through the craving anyway. Point is, if you are having a difficult time, get on here and type. Whether you keep what you type or delete it, just the act of typing can be enough to get you through a craving.
  12. One of my 6 fitness goals at the start of the year was to be able to do 40 standard pushups. My peak this year was 43 so I hit that. Now I just want to keep the ability to do 35. Sometimes I just do standard pushups for a lot of volume, but I also throw in a lot of variations like: spider man, diamond, close and wide grip, 1 leg off the ground, burpees, and elevated leg. Heres a video of me just goofing around with pushups.
  13. I sure can't say I'm part of your quitters reunion, but congrats on almost 9yrs of freedom.
  14. Hope your day went smoothly w/ regards to your quit.
  15. There are a lot of people here supporting you. Boy George supports you as well.
  16. Good morning Linda, I hope this day goes better and finds you feeling stronger. I haven't had to go through a highly stressful situation yet but I can see how it would be a major trigger. Keep turning here and typing as much as is needed. This place is my Chantix. And frying pan. And therapist.
  17. Typing can be the best medicine for a craving. Not as good as hitting your fingers with a hammer, but probably better in the long run. Come here, share, whine, whatever you have to do, but keep the quit.
  18. HIIH- 37 pushups 15 each on weighted situps, horizontal pullups, lift n press, seated dips, 450steps of jogging stretching
  19. Nothin like a good skillet to provide some attitude adjustment.

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