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  1. Types of Quit. Every quit starts with a seed that is planted...... Abstinence quit: The soil is poor and the thin roots grow deep, seeking nutrients and sustenance. Constantly moving and searching to no avail. Above ground a gnarled stump protrudes. It's only branch produces fruit which never ripens. Month in and year out the tree becomes more twisted and gnarled “Bitterness is an arid emotion. It bears no fruit” Similarly a quit based on abstinence bears no fruit! It is only based on time.....tick tock....and it can end at any time....
  2. " I would like to quit because anything that makes me feel like Iʻm not in control of my emotions really freaks me out and I donʻt want to be a pain to anyone else. " I guarantee that when you are three years quit; you will still not be in control of your emotions.....sometimes..... but you will be in control of three years of not smoking! Your above line is an excuse and "get out". Most of us can't possible fathom quitting.Just keep not smoking, forget your emotions. Soon you will never think about smoking or emotions; if you don't smoke.
  3. It was at about 7 months that I noticed the first major change. Non smoking felt "normal" as a day today activity. Imperceptible but I knew this was new. At about 14 months i felt a complete non smoker! The "process" was over! Ever since those days it has not got any better than that! Believe me - from where it started, it felt like a miracle but miracles are rare. Rather i followed the strategy of NOPE...even though i had never heard of it. Hundreds of millions of people have quit for good. I was just the next on the FREEDOM BUS. You have quit for 7 months. The worst is over. Allow
  4. Yes of course the brain recovers. There is a before smoking, the smoking years and the after years. All are different, regarding your brain's neural pathways. Once you quit, you develop new pathways to food, routines and stress. Eventually after a couple of years you will have no reaction to the last list but life throws in funerals and redundancy e.t.c Don' smoke! and even these events will have no brain reaction. I have quit nearly 19 years and feel like i never smoked after 15 months.
  5. In the good ole days it was NOPE that sufficed. Unfortunately now we have NOVE ( Not one vape ever) Eventually they will implant a nicotine device in your nasal pasages and you will be able blow smoke out of your ears, mouth and nose; at the same time.
  6. 1Rush is an amazing American first name. American first names can be so wild and creative. I digress... 2 Rush brings up connotations with nicotine rush....unfortunately. 3 I feel sympathy for anyone with Advanced cancer. 4 He won't be the first or last to claim he liked the 'sensory element' of smoking. I did once. 5 This is site for people who have seen the truth about smoking and that's better.
  7. Before I started vaping, vaping disgusted me. The headlines about lung disease were alarming, sure, but my opposition was mostly aesthetic. The word “vape” conjured images of AirPod-wearing office bros in too-tight pants, assaulting passers-by with miasmic clouds of gobstopper-flavoured steam. The very idea that people would vaporise liquid nicotine rather than smoke tobacco seemed like something dreamed up by a second-rate science fiction author to illustrate how bland the future would be. (The fact that the new technology is now linked to a mysterious and deadly illness significantly im
  8. Well done for putting this article on. "Your lungs have an almost "magical" ability to repair some of the damage caused by smoking - but only if you stop, say scientists. The mutations that lead to lung cancer had been considered to be permanent, and to persist even after quitting. But the surprise findings, published in Nature, show the few cells that escape damage can repair the lungs."
  9. I remember debating about this topic 8 years ago. In those days it was starting to get traction vaping. Most of us were vehemently opposed to vaping. I believe we were right. Remember! Vaping has nothing to do with what this board stands for or FREEDOM..... "Juuling" never heard of this word before. Thought it was when two men had a pistol fight at dawn. Profit always reinvents itself....unfortunately. NOVE- NOT ONE VAPE EVER.
  10. 8 years of Freedom for Johnny 5. Nice one mate. Not far off a decade: I said when you had done six months, that you would never go back! Nice to see Sarge, Christobal, Babs and others are closing in on ten years. Passed 18 years this October. (breath)

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