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    I cried almost non stop during my first month quit. After a few weeks I was posting about how sad I was and that all I wanted to be was non smoker. A man by the name of John posted in response "make no mistake about it, you are a non-smoker". Those words changed everything for me. I was making it so much more complicated than it had to be. All I had to do is not smoke and boom! I was a non smoker. You're doing a fantastic job. The first few weeks are the worst and you made it through! Keep moving forward and congratulations! You're a non-smoker!
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    It was some long forgotten spat at The Other Place when The MQ proclaimed (paraphrased, of course) : "Oh yeah?!? Well when you have *A Six Year Quit* then maybe we can talk. Until then, bugger the hell off..." Sarge is traveling on Friday and won't have a chance to post on the actual six-year but he's here to say, with gusto: "Neener-neener ... Sarge got his Six ... Howdaya like dem apples ?" EZPZ (But he can't remember, for the life of him, what the quibbling was about at the time).
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    Something to remember when you feel like giving up. 2 or ten or 30 days in.....there are thousands of smokers who wish they had a Two day quit. Shut- just two weeks ago YOU wished you had a Two day quit. It's hard work and don't give up just to start again in a few years....cause most go a few more years before quitting again. So one smoke....years more and wasted effort. You are well on your way to a life you will love
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    Hello! I've been smoking for about 4 years now. I have stopped smoking twice (I can't think of it as "quitting", because that word implies agency), each time for around two months, almost spontaneously, without even thinking about it, planning anything, or having to try at all. Looking back, I realized that what the two episodes had in common was that both those times, good things that I cared about very much and could potentially change my life forever were likely to happen (though they didn't!). So the best explanation I have is that "hope" is what made me stop smoking; had those things happened, I would have liked to experience them for as long as possible. So instead of following one-size-fits-all instructions (which have not helped me the 8 times I have tried to quit), I've decided I'm going to try and put myself in situations where good things with long lasting positive effects might happen to me, as often as I can, since that seems to actually help me.
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    Why don't you stick this up you're superior butt....
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    -19.... you know what to do Dor.. slap em good!!!
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    My hubby wanted to name our son this and I instantly thought of Children of the Corn..... I was like Oh Hell No!!!!!!
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    Pinky, first of all - have not heard from you in a couple days. Yep, it is me, tired of it. About your fat friend you mentioned - Yeah, when we are in the throws of our nervous system shorting out like an electrical storm, the last thing we need is someone to be smart ass. Especially someone self-righteous like that. She doesn't understand what a REAL "quit" is. Someone who tried tobacco or drugs ONE time and doesn't go back has not "quit". One cannot "quit" until the ball of addiction is rolling. Funny how some smart ass always has something to say about a smoker's habit. But like for you, me, and probably everyone on this board, we know what a "quit" is, how hard it can be. Think of it like this about smoking and tobacco - the cigarettes did this to you. What might help is if you can direct that anger to be pissed off at the cigarettes. it sounds silly but that worked for me. The cancer sticks messed up our nerves. F*** those things. Going back to it would be like going back to some abusive ex lover. I am not exactly sure where you are in your quit program (I do remember your method though) but just try not to have any temptations around the house. I mean like no emergency smokes, get rid of (or at the very least hide) any smoking stuff so the routine is broken. Right now I am at day 40 and in my short quit time, the desire does become less. You also start to think about how much any smoking got in the way of other stuff. Then you also notice you have a little more money that was not there before. We do have to pay some dues in the way of withdraws though. AND, weird temptations come out of nowhere. Since it is on our minds a lot at first, any reference to smoking becomes louder somehow. It is the cigs wanting back into our lungs. And then you say to the crave... Well, pick your favorite and rudest most explicit way to say, "go away". I often "romance" smoking and want one but then I remember all the bad things. And, I got tired of it. I will not pretend to know your lifestyle aside knowing you have a couple little ones. What works for me when life feels empty - I try to find some new hobby. I get burnt out on them fast but even if that is your case as well, it could maybe take your mind off the cancer sticks during the worst of the withdraw days. When life gets boring is when negative or painful thoughts slip in. So drop me a line. Don't be a stranger, I enjoy our chats. I wasn't wanting to be a pest which is why I was quiet but know that my line is open to you anytime.
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    I use a noodle splash shield to keep spaghetti sauce out of my hair.
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    Copied but works here Something to remember when you feel like giving up. 2 or ten or 30 days in.....there are thousands of smokers who wish they had a Two day quit. Shit- just two months ago YOU wished you had a Two day quit. It's hard work and don't give up just to start again in a few years....cause most go a few more years before quitting again. So one smoke....years more and wasted effort. You are well on your way to a life you will love
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    The things we pay dearly for we prize highly. My quit is priceless and so is yours!
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    All of what you're saying above, JB, boils down to one thing: ADDICTION People's judgement and intelligence get trumped by the powerful force of being drawn to a substance even though the conscious mind knows that substance is bad for them in every conceivable way. It's no different from any other drug addiction or alcoholism. I am so grateful to be free from this deadly addiction.
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    Hi Jet and welcome to the Quit Train. Hope the ease with your quit continues. It sounds like you have a good sense of humor. That will serve you well in this quitting process. When you think about it, it's the whole process of smoking is kinda ridiculous especially now that it's prohibited just about everywhere and people have to huddle outside buildings (often a certain number of feet away) to get their fix. Not sure what kind of climate you live in, Jet but the cold just recently blew in here in NYC. I'll be glad to be warm inside this winter- hope you will enjoy your freedom too! Best, PeaceTrain
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    Welcome Jetblack. The only rule you need to worry about at this point is not to be suckered into believing you can have "just one". Congrats on your month + quit.
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    Welcome Jet, Sometimes quitting things is easy sometimes not. Glad it doesn't seem to be a struggle for you. Nice to meet you.
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    Good work chicks.... Out in force !!!
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    Nightmare on Elm Street, happened to live on Elm St at the time. Children of the Corn, around the time I realized that my grandfather's name was Malachi.. .
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    I snuck downstairs during my sister's sleepover...... they were watching Hell Raiser..... couldn't have been more than 7....... I was afraid to sleep on my mattess for a month.....
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