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  1. Saturday 20 th January 2018

  2. Wednesday 17 th January 2018

    2 weeks NF as of today! Still a big ole NOPE for me!
  3. Monday 15 th January 2018

    Keep in mind that you are a Nonsmoker! Think about how much better you feel and the money saved since you quit. You can do this!
  4. Sunday 14th January 2018

    NOPE not today!!
  5. Saturday 13 th January 2018

    Nope...day 11 of being a nonsmoker! Heavy snow here in upstate N.Y today. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't get out to buy a pack of smokes. Probably a good thing as the weekends are hard for me to abstain.
  6. Friday, January 12

    Hi neighbor...I'm about 40 miles southwest of Syracuse, near the Fingerlakes region.
  7. Friday, January 12

  8. Thursday 11 th January 2018

    Nope...not today!
  9. Wednesday 10 th January 2018

    One week smoke free and still a NOPE for me!
  10. Tuesday January 9 2018

  11. Monday 8 th January 2018

    NOPE!!! Not today!!

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