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  1. Smokers Anonymous.........

    Thanks....that's kind of what I thought.
  2. Smokers Anonymous.........

    Thank You! Is it not a live chat? Every time I go there I see a list of posts and the time but that is all. It's probably me and my technology issues...:)
  3. Thursday, November 16th, 2017

    NOPE! Close call yesterday but "No cigar" (or cigs:)
  4. Smokers Anonymous.........

    Great idea....all I have to do is figure out the chat box. All I see is a place to send a message.....but where does it go, and who does it go to? I'm afraid that I'm really technologically challenged.
  5. Sunday 12 th November 2017

    NOPE.....not today!
  6. Saturday November 11, 2017

    Really, really want one this morning with my coffee.....but gotta say NOPE!!
  7. Friday November 10, 2017

  8. Signing a T after my name.....

    I am a teetotaler myself. (Not to be confused with prude) Wrote you a nice long reply last night, but it got lost somewhere in cyberspace. :( If the booze tastes like shit, leave it alone and count your blessings! JKPK (T)
  9. Thursday November 9, 2017

  10. Hey Newbies!!

    I guess that my dogs are the children... :(