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  1. PeaceTrain

    True or False

    Love them! TNP prefers a book to tv
  2. Yes, you can literally have you cake and eat it too! 30 minutes kickboxing yesterday morning. Had to get in to work early so nothing this morning.
  3. At least you know you can gain 65 pounds and still make 4.4 miles on those trails! And just think, it won't be all on your back- the weight will.... ahem... be more evenly distributed
  4. PeaceTrain

    True or False

    True but is not fond of crocheted items so doesn't ever do it TNP does not enjoy flying
  5. PeaceTrain

    True or False

    True... But not well TNP is a good cook
  6. Friday- Zumba and kickboxing Saturday- dance aerobics and yoga Sunday- just some walking Today- rest day i must say the addition of a weekly yoga class has been beneficial and also challenging. I'd like to do at least one or two more per week but gym/work schedules don't allow for it just now. I didn't realize how tight I had become. By tight, I mean inflexible. The stretching has been good but I've got a long way to go to being as limber as I'd like to be. But hey- goals are good motivation!
  7. WooHOO, JO! You're a champion quitter and a great wit! Congrats on your continued, well-earned success!
  8. PeaceTrain

    True or False

    False! This poster has not had cake in many months. She is gluten free and has been on Keto (low carb) since Memorial Day weekend. TNP will have a massage within the next two weeks
  9. You can do this Stewie! Once the big one has been conquered, you know you can do anything you want. I'm also glad to be completely free of any addictions- for the first time in my adult life, I might add. It's a great feeling and something to be really proud of for those of us who have those tendencies. (ALL of us?!?). Hope it goes smoothly for you on 8/1!
  10. Great job and mindset, Nikki! The latter is a strength that will serve you well in this journey to freedom. Oh! Wait a minute! You're already free! Yes, even after one day, you've established your freedom. All that remains is for you to hold onto it. KTQ!
  11. You are making a very wise decision, Saz! I quit caffeine over 20 years ago because of terrible symptoms no doctor could diagnose: rapid heartbeat, anxiety attacks, insomnia, can't even remember what else. It all seems so obvious now but 20 years ago not one of the at least 4 doctors I saw asked me about caffeine consumption. Cold-brew like you've been doing was not a thing back then but I drank black coffee from morning till night. It was only after reading a book on my own about the elimination diet that a lightbulb switched on and the first item I eliminated was caffeine. Youre right that withdrawal is no joke but hang in there. As I recall it did not last more than 7-10 days and then it was completely gone and I felt 100% better. I haven't touched it since unless by the hand of a careless server who gives me regular instead of decaf in which case I find out pretty quickly and spend one sleepless night with heart palpitations, preceded by a brief period of euphoria which ifeels great at the time but I realize it's a harbinger for the ensuing jitters. I know that decaf has some % of caffeine depending on the brand, but I'm ok with it. You'll have to see how you do. Too much chocolate can also be an issue but for me a little is ok. Best st of luck! After you get through this tough time, you'll feel so much better.

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