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  1. Official Handover - Reci's Return

    Jo, you have been amazing stepping into Reci's pen and keeping a seamless flow of celebrations going in his absence. Only a true OCD'd person could have done such a fine job! Reci, hope you had a fantastic vacation!!! Can't wait to hear you squeal about it!
  2. New Beginning

    Keep the faith, Novo. Whatever challenges you face during your quit are temporary; the rewards are permanent. Keep your eye on the prize and now that you’re at it with quitting drinking as well, it’s a great opportunity to look at everything you put into your body and keep putting in what’s good for you. Fresh air, clean water, nourishing food will all assist with your detox. We’re here for you’
  3. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    I’m taking off today. It’s a travel day plus I twisted my ankle just a little in kickboxing on Friday plus still pretty low energy. Still on Whole30, waiting for that famous switch to flip where you get all this amazing energy...
  4. The Last 3 Letters Game

    I never knew
  5. This or That game

    Big beefies plz Novels or short stories?
  6. 1% Pledge

    Ahem.... JO? You already ARE in the 1% ! I'm pretty sure Joel is referring to the 99% of people who "try" quitting using the gum, then go straight back to smoking, or try reducing smoking with intermittent use of gum in between smokes then eventually toss the gum and keep the smokes. We all know there are tons of people who make half-azzed, lame attempts at "trying" to quit, hoping that the gum will be the magic bullet and when it turns out not to be, they're right back to smoking. That is NOT your jam at all! You have a solid, enviable quit going that has sustained and has helped other people to sustain theirs. You're awesome, like everyone else in the mystical 1%!!! Wave your banner- tall and proud!
  7. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    1 hour dance aerobics this morning
  8. This or That game

    Museum pasta or rice?
  9. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    You've surely earned that, Boo. Plus, time off is important to give your body the chance to rebuild. Gym for me today: Zumba then kickboxing. Still low energy but keeping it going
  10. ***NO MORE EXCUSES***

    WTG, Boater! Yes, you can have whatever kinds of feelings you may have but you don't have to act upon them. Your job now is to keep that quit till the quit keeps you. (Hey, I like that one!)
  11. Grund is 8 months Quit Today!!!

    Congrats Grund! You've got this now!
  12. Hit and Run

    Finally won one tonight after a 6-game losing streak. Let's go O's! Whomp whomp whomp...

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