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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless you. Yes I am the captain of this ship Wow, 'Im actually feeling super empowered and read that over and over again, I AM the leader of my journey.
  2. This makes me so mad. Somebody I love dearly is smoking and as much as they want to, just can't quit. They stopped for 6 months last year when there was a ban on cigarettes in our country, and when they started a new job they were so stressed they started again. Most sad! It is way more than a physical addiction it is VERY MUCH psychological too. I am devastated and done.
  3. I was on a support group once before where most people showed their face pics. This support group was for cigarette smokers, drinkers, crystal meth, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, sex, gambling and other very heavy addictions. I don't see much of that here. Was just wondering what the reason was. Not here to judge anyone, it was merely an observation. Studies have shown that people are more likely to engage with people that they can "see" I include a paragraph from researchgate.net talking more about how faces engage us. Photos are becoming prominent means of communication online. Despite photos' pervasive presence in social media and online world, we know little about how people interact and engage with their content. Understanding how photo content might signify engagement, can impact both science and design, influencing production and distribution. One common type of photo content that is shared on social media, is the photos of people. From studies of offline behavior, we know that human faces are powerful channels of non-verbal communication. In this paper, we study this behavioral phenomena online. We ask how presence of a face, it's age and gender might impact social engagement on the photo. We use a corpus of 1 million Instagram images and organize our study around two social engagement feedback factors, likes and comments. Our results show that photos with faces are 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more likely to receive comments, even after controlling for social network reach and activity. We find, however, that the number of faces, their age and gender do not have an effect. This work presents the first results on how photos with human faces relate to engagement on large scale image sharing communities. In addition to contributing to the research around online user behavior, our findings offer a new line of future work using visual analysis.
  4. Did a 10km hike on Saturday and it felt so good to be close to nature, raising the heart beat and inhaling that fresh air. When we stopped for a picnic at lunch time under the tree's, next to the river (so beautifulllll) it was so sad to see 3 girls lighting cigarettes and 1 guy lighting a joint. Despite making healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise, nicotine is clearly an extremely hard habit to break. One of the girls cites stress is a reason, but we all know smoking adds to tension and anxiety. Anyway that's her thing. I want a different life.
  5. Thank you Doreen. I've got to the point where enough is enough. This back and forth kills one's spirit, From now one I'm doing whatever it takes to get back to where I was before. In fact I HATE nicotine more than ever before. Have a lovely day in the UK and hope it's not to cold out your way. ODAT xx
  6. @johnny5 Thank you for your kind words. Close call averted last night...but I turned to my trusty "tool box" which I knew would get me over the bump. I went to bed scarily early but it was nope all the way.
  7. Oh that's funny, never heard of vagart or queef. Guess who turned to "Goggling", LMAO. Just always knew it as a p*ssy fart
  8. Such an adorable gif. Hope you are feeling better @catlover.
  9. Certain things are impossible to multi task
  10. Hope you have a kick ass day Steve! 

    1. Steven Drojensky

      Steven Drojensky

      Thanks, Phoebe. You, too!

  11. Good for you. Treasure your quit, it is a beautiful thing xx
  12. Day ONE - Monday morning 7:31am. Bought my ticket and the kind conductor showed me to my seat last night. I got on the train at 22:15 after putting the last stinky thing out, and had a wonderful rest. Going to gym in an hour. I think the scenery's going to be gorgeous today! Today it's a big fat NOPE from me. Freedom is going to taste so sweet! Happy healthy day everyone! You've got this!!
  13. Your body is readjusting and realigning itself. Nicotine along with all the chemicals changes your brain and increases tension and anxiety. Hang in there and be kind to yourself. I wouldn't advocate hard drugs i.e. sleeping pills etc but a mild over the counter Valerian or melatonin supplement can help you get over the insomnia and get a goods night rest. Mental well being is of utmost importance when making any lifestyle change. Sleep is always paramount. Best of luck to you. Stay focused. These things too shall pass.
  14. I've set a date to get back my life back to normal. Do I feel slight apprehension. Naturally. Am I excited? Yes. 


    With all the love I'm getting and this amazing forum, the universe is shouting a huge YES. And to think I nearly left. When you want something badly enough, the whole universe will conspire to help you achieve it. 


    I'll be sticking close. 


    So much gratitude. 


    Have a wonderful weekend everyone  xox



  15. Thank you @Mee Yes it really is a horrible, insidious drug. I will rise again, very soon. Keep strong sweetie.
  16. Have a blessed birthday! Everything of the best for the coming year.
  17. That definitely sounds like a plan. Thank you for the support. What is an air cigarette please?
  18. That sounds like a plan for sure. Thank you for the support. P.S. what is an air cigarette please?
  19. Believe it or not I'm crazy about health and fitness, love jogging, going to the gym and healthy eating. This nasty habit does not jibe with my lifestyle AT ALL. 🏋♀ Something needs to change and that something is ME. Best of luck to all of you Have a beautiful, magical and healthy day. Catch u later Phoebe xx

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