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  1. Hey all. Thank you so much. Yesterday eve I turned what felt like a little corner - realised every muscle in my shoulders and back was tense so began very consciously relaxing them, this is helping immensely. Last night I decided right, let's kick back with a couple of glasses of wine, some music in the kitchen and a bit of a night laughing and dancing about like idiots with the other half. Now, admittedly we were flat out asleep by 9.30pm (rock and roll isn't dead kids!) but had a really good time anyway AND first proper drink without smoking felt absolutely great. Today so far no heada
  2. Hi guys, hope everyone well and still on the road of nope. I'm 28 days down on Sunday - and for the past few days have had on and off headaches. Possible sinus related I can't really tell but it's annoying. I thought this was meant to happen when the nicotine leaves physically in the first 72 hours I've upped my water intake but anxiety wise I will admit I'm not great - every niggle has me thinking it's the beginning of the end so that doesn't bloody help! Anyone had this experience at this stage of the quit?
  3. Missed a few days on here but they were still nopes so Nope, Nope, Nope!
  4. @Martian5 thank you - I had a tough day with it today. Full of energy until around 1pm when exhaustion like I've not felt since the last time I had flu hit me and I had to sleep. Totally overwhelmed me! I was freezing beforehand too, like a chilled to the bone cold. This evening it's much better, more relaxed and sleepy than fatigued and ill. I'm so determined. And I know it's worth it. In fact the worse I feel at points the more determined I become not to cave in to this. But yeah, thank you. Your words really mean a lot and I appreciate them!
  5. I definitely have had more moments like that - so very lethargic and miserable! I think today I was tired of sitting and analysing my innards and thought right well let's see if a walk kills us then. Obviously it didn't and I was far less breathless on the steep hill than I would have been previously. Tomorrow who knows how motivated or not I will be - but we are all brilliant for doing it aren't we. It's bloody hard Thank you Jillar really appreciate yours and everyones kind words of support. Back at you - bunch of superheroes on this forum. I bet a lot of people wouldn't have go
  6. Really enjoyed the walk - tackled some uphills aswell and that felt good. Have definitely settled into the day now and will probably be less anxious for the rest of it. Day at a time! Even a minute at a time if that's what it takes at points.
  7. I think I am going to bundle up and have a reluctant walk in the fresh air. I am sulking a bit and that won't do anything
  8. Welcome Amy and well done. I'm a very new quitter too. This forum has already been a huge help I'm sure it will help you aswell
  9. Ugh. I can actually FEEL things inside changing. I say ugh, this is good I know, but it feels so weird. I feel hugely over aware of my insides right now. My lungs are filling up with air so lovely and easily but also feel like they need a jet wash, there's a creaky raspiness there, what feels like a vibrating sensation in my side and a cough starting. Oh and my nose is running. Lovely. This broadcast has been brought to you by "Wow you're attractive today" productions. In association with "Gallon of tea and self pity" incorporated.
  10. Having senior moments before your time is definitely a weird one! I can be a bit scatty at the best of times so now it's just ridiculous I have heard concentration improves once the brain adjusts, and is better than in the nicotine dependent days so here's looking forward to that part. I might suddenly become a genius.
  11. Oh goodness thank you - yeah it's a saviour. I can find the funny in most things it really does help doesn't it. I did tune in to the same colleague saying that her nephew is four months older than her and was suddenly howling saying "wait...what?" Turns out her entire family is some sort of maths puzzle. The more you know eh Stopped my craving in its tracks. Should thank her really. Was time to go home after that. Nice.

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