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  1. Yeah, all these drugs (nicotine, caffeine) alter our brain chemistry so when you add or subtract one of those drugs to your system, it's bound to have an effect on the others that you are still using. Adjustment all around is required. Just a matter of finding the right mix for you.
  2. It does get easier and easier to guard that quit Jeff, the longer you remain smoke free. It really does become effortless after a while. You have to be quit for at least a year to really start seeing that. Why not set 1 year as your next goal and use that time to research nicotine addiction and all the nasty things it really does to us both physically and mentally. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!
  3. Nice one Christina! Keep them coming
  4. reciprocity

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    10 Morning D ...... going up?
  5. reciprocity

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    9 Mac will be back soon
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    10 What the hell?
  7. Always knew you'd do it up right Latoya Hope your Mum's doin' OK too! You inspired her to quit too as I recall Glad you're enjoying the life you deserve! Thanks for checking in with us
  8. Does not taste like ham or bacon. Got a taste & texture all it's own I think. It's not bad, just not one of my go-to's. Makes a nice breakfast sandwich with a fried egg and maybe some cheese on a toasted bun? And yes @Doreensfree, you have mentioned that many times
  9. reciprocity

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    16 We got this Mac
  10. Yes, that's the bacon I use - the strips of bacon only what I get tends to have more fat and less meat, even without that big chunk of ham at the end of yours - lol. But yes, I would use just that long streaky part to wrap around the scallop/pineapple combination. Canadian bacon, also called Peameal Bacon, looks like this. You slice it as thin or thick as you like before cooking. I'm not a huge fan of it. Some like it better than regular bacon though. Wouldn't work well for wrapping the scallops. It would be nice with pineapple though. Meal of grilled peameal bacon and grilled pineapple with some salad would be tasty
  11. So you know you CAN quit for a substantial period of time because you did that for a year so learning quitting tools isn't the issue here. What seems to be at issue is the you have never really quit in your mind. You're just abstaining and missing it all the while. In my opinion, that's the part you need to work on. Changing your mindset when it comes to smoking. Education about what smoking can do to us will help with that. We all avoid seeking out that sort of information when we quit because .... we don't want to know. Why not start researching that subject now. Reading about the link between smoking and all sorts of life ending diseases will help recondition your mind. If there are specific things you think you "love" about smoking, come here and say so. People can perhaps give you different perspectives on that. Make a list of the things you like about smoking. As I said, others may be able to give you a new outlook to focus on. And, what about the benefits you gained when you were quit? Maybe try to focus your mind on those next time you quit. Any one of us can change their way of thinking about something. That's the part you need to work on in my opinion.
  12. Saw a lady on TV the other day and her hair was I would say medium length? Top half was silver/gray while the bottom half was brown. Guess she was in the "growing out" stage.
  13. A friend of mine who happens to be a hairdresser by trade said recently she is concerned that a lot of people who normally dyed their hair may not go back to doing that after the restrictions surrounding haircuts is over. Maybe that's true? From what I understand, dying your hair isn't cheap!
  14. Sucks big time Jane Keep the good memories close because that's what your relationship with her was all about. I remember having to clean up my sister's house after she died from a combination of smoking and alcohol abuse. Her bedroom walls, where she lay and smoked all day and night, were a disgusting yellowish-brown. Stained from years of cigarette smoke. Made me wonder what her lungs looked like yet I continued to smoke myself for another year. Who knows, maybe that did something to tip the scales for me. Can't say but now as a nonsmoker, looking back on that makes me mad too so I know where you're coming from. Congrats to all us quitters for taking the steps to shape our own futures!
  15. It's simple but prep time is a bit harsh I use canned pineapple chunks. But if you have fresh pineapple, that'll work too (even better taste)! So; 1 scallop (small one or if you have big sea scallops, cut it in half); place two pineapple slices with the scallop, one on top and one on the bottom - about 1 cm thick and as long as your scallop roughly. Wrap that all with a piece of bacon* - smallish scallop will require a 1/2 slice of bacon (regular sliced bacon - not peameal or Canadian bacon). Secure the wrapped scallop & pineapple using a toothpick (or 2?). I just sprinkle with a little pepper and salt before cooking. If you wanna go full-metal Canadian, brush with real maple syrup once they're cooked and out from under the broiler. Not necessary IMO. Place your wrapped bits of heaven on a wire rack in a baking sheet lined with foil wrap for easy clean-up. Put in the over on Broil. 5 -6 mins. then pull it out and turn the pieces over and broil for another 5 mins. Serve immediately and try to get your share before others gobble them all up! Let the bacon fat rendered from the bacon coagulate in the foil lined pan for a few hours then remove the foil and toss it - very easy clean up. * Some people will precook their bacon a bit before wrapping the scallops/pineapple combo. I don't because I prefer mine more under-cooked than really crispy. It's a personal choice which way you go on that. Mine end up with some blackened edges but the inner layers of bacon are more chewy than crispy. Personal preference which way to go with that.

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