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    Wishing all that travel on this wonderful train past and present.. Xmas greetings.. And a Happy prosperous 2018.... Thank you for a year of support, friendship,and alot of laughs... Love the Scouser !!!!
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone on this train!
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    If there is a next time, please post an SOS before you smoke, not after!!
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    Albert, good for you to jump right back on the train. I’m sorry you’ll have to go through the tough parts of quitting again but that’s the consequence. You can do this, Albert! You must really want to- you could have just disappeared... but you didn’t. Now KTQ!!!
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    Well done on stopping again. Remember how you are feeling now. You will only feel that way again, if you choose to. Smoking is a choice. Choose not to smoke. Keep on keeping' on.
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    remember the lethargy the ugly coughs and the stains on your teeth running out of breath climbing two flights of stairs the self loathing the indifference and the numbness the dependence and the compulsion the frustration and the aggression the shame of doing it despite being fully aware of all of this and more And then remember the energy The pride in dealing with your problems The hope The strong will to live long and do things that matter to you The freedom Take a minute (or three 😉) Think about this. It may seem irrelevant right now, but you'll see the point again in an hour, a day, or a week. Remember how bad that feels. You know both paths. You are strong enough. Make a choice you won't regret. (Remember how bad that feels?)
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    Merry Christmas to my quit train family!!
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    To all my new 2017 friends at Quit Train I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope 2018 delivers good health and happiness to all of us. Take time to relax and enjoy the season with family and friends - enjoy folks!
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    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year Quit Train. Have a great holiday season and may 2018 do right by you.
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    If your still smoking ....this book could probally save your life..why not treat yourself this Christmas....
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    I won't stick anything in my mouth and set fire to it..NOPE. .not today !!!!!
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    Enjoy that mountain air, Latoya! Nice deep breaths and NOPE!
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    Ehem, my apologies for the delay in saying THANK YOU! All you nutty, zany, wonderful people helped me achieve what I once thought was impossible, and I appreciate every one of you. Serious. For all of you new to your quit, I have this... It's simple to quit. Initially, it's not easy, but wanting it is all you really need. I'm not dismissing the anxiety or sleeplessness, etc., because I know it's real. All I'm saying is, if you want it, you'll have it. Dig deep, keep going, and one day, you'll wake up and it'll be 3 years since you lit up. And when someone drops you a note saying Congrats, you too might pause and think 'what'd I do?' because the smoking thing is long gone from your daily radar. I have a special shoutout - Nancy, thank you SO much for being the first to reach out your hand and welcome me to the group. I will be forever grateful for that act of kindness. For the rest of you newbies and old pharts...be well, play nice and Keep the Quit.
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    Happy Holidays Everyone, Wishing everyone a blessed New Year!
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    Merry Christmas, everyone! wishing all of you nothing but the best in the years ahead!
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    You've still got nicotine in your system so the 3 day rule doesn't apply. The idea with the patch is to use it temporarily (if you must) to quit smoking but you must quit nicotine completely in order for you succeed in your quit. NRT is okay so long as you plan on getting off it it ASAP. Pretty much you're delaying the withdrawal process by using the patch vs cold turkey but people have success with it. Also, please don't let withdrawal horror stories influence you at all because many have no issues with withdrawal. I didn't. The time you put between you and nicotine the less and less you'll think about it. I never forget that I was once a smoker but I can tell you that in times of stress, the thought of smoking doesn't even enter my mind. If somebody would have told me this before I quit I wouldn't have believed them. Stick around the board and post, read, watch videos and learn how to beat this drug addiction. As long as you attack it for what it is, a drug addiction, you'll be free before you know it!
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    Hello everyone! I’m Arynn! I’m 24 years old and I have been smoking since I was 16. The past few months I’ve been having money problems because I’m chronically ill and have a lot of health provlems. I was forced to quit and I was bitter! My dad passed away this last May and when I was born he quit cold turkey immediately. I thought about this and decided I owe him this back by quitting. So, I’m currently 90 hour smoke free and I feel like I’m going to die. I’ll post more about more about me and my symptoms and story in another topic! I look forward to meeting new people.
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