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    Conveniently enough, the word of the day on my calendar is "flummoxed." And now I get to use it in a sentence: When I attempt to sort through the mental diarrhea that is one of Bakon's stream of consciousness threads, I am always left flummoxed.
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    I think your post is asking about what makes one person quit easier then another? You suggest there might be "reasons" that make it more bearable in some way but that's not my understanding on it. I should go back for a moment. I was not in the easy quitting crew - I was more then hanging on by a thread, blood sweat and tears kind of quit. The variable (if you call it that) between my quit buddy and I was MINDSET. Our brain is our most powerful piece of kit and it's the one thing that seems to go on sabbatical when we quit. It boils down to the Henry Ford quote which is along the lines of whether you think you can or think you can't - you're right! Some days suck and some days don't - whether the cause on that day was not smoking, ratty kids, moody family - whatever. So on the days that sucked more I simply got busier. I still have bad days as a human (shock horror) except now the reasons don't include smoking, but when we are quitting we put that thought in everywhere!! Having a shit day is normal and I no longer blame quitting but look for the actual cause of the trouble - whereas once I would thought associate every bad mood, bad day with craves/triggers/ etc, basically I blamed quitting smoking for everything, for months!! I eventually understood it was a thought and the thought had no power unless I acted on it... then the craves got better or at least shorter. You ask about NOPE and I can see how it's not for everyone. For me it was a huge part of my quit for two reasons. It was my promise to myselfthat today at least, I would fight, no excuses. It was my promise to those who were quitting with me that we had that solidarity and camraderie, I had their back and they mine and that meant no one falling off. I don't know if you've seen a quitting buddy fall off the wagon. (apologies, I'm not around much). But it shakes you on multiple levels. You question whether it can even be done, can anyone really quit forever. You create loopholes where you can just quit again together later. More then that if they fall off and you hold on having tied your quit in with theirs, it feels brutal. So I took my nope very seriously, it was my promise to myself but also my friends that we would stay quit together.
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    Go to the zoo ( a place you will for sure smile ) Take up a new hobby Do something you have never done before . Learn to play an instrument ( great fun as so many on line instruction videos now ) ukelele or guitar .
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    Nope at my house . Have a great day everyone.
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    Guessing that word means SMARTER
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    Wanted to post a thread without a name or subject and say nothing in it .... Just had to think of a way.... I feel so much smarter than Bat Booger Squealer Titface Sgt stupid Burrito
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    3..Bakon has a plan ???....whahaha...
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    3..hey boo.!!!!you sticks waiting until I retire for the night ????....sneaky....
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    I had loads! The Snot and Nope obviously The one I used most was Do not put something in your mouth and set fire to it, you can do anything else. When I phrased it that way it seemed a pretty silly plan anyway. "For Milly and I" was my go to in the early days, I would say it over and over until the thought lost it's hold. I quit when my daughter (Milly obviously) was 8 and I'd had my first puff of a cig at age 9. The thought of enabling her to be like me turned my stomach and I would highly suggest a personal mantra to everyone.
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    Did someone mention glitter ?????
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    I think most people quit after they experience some sort of illness that scares them witless. Nothing quite like the incentive found in the icy breeze of death's scythe making a near miss.
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    Nope, but the roads are damned icy.
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    Congrats Peace Train! 6 months is a solid, worthy milestone. Bask in the success and be proud!
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    Not sure if it was already said... Sing a song. Really loudly.
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    Joe done better a quoting smoking than quoting work....cold turkey pal. Retirement my ass.
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    Doorene favorite color- glitter
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    ^^^ I tend to agree! Absolute resolve to quit is the key. You are either committed to it or you aren't! It is nice to be able to communicate with a bunch of other people going through the same experience though Kind of keeps you pointed in the right direction. Another quit tool?
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    Congratulations, Joe!! You're the best!!
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    Thanks everyone! There are no words to really describe the gratitude I have for this forum, and the list of people I have to thank for my quit success is too long to even attempt for fear of leaving someone out. All I can offer in th way of advice for any newbie, is to stick with it! It is NEVER easy in the beginning...anyone who says it is is full of *%+{{ they came to a quit smoking forum for support in their quit, so it obviously is a struggl early on...I WILL say,my hat looking back, it wasn't near as bad as I had envisioned it to be when I made to decision to quit.... Just keep moving through the bad times, and the good time start to outweigh them real,fast.... again, Thanks everyone..everyone here is GREAT!
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