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Welcome To The Decade Party !!!


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Myself and my fellow Quit Train 

Buddies are in our Decade Year 

We have a few who have more years smoke free .

So i am throwing a Big Party for us all...

Oldies come and tell you how you are doing ..would love to hear from you 

Doreensfree xx



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It just doesn't seem real that I am coming up on 10 years quit!  To all who are considering quitting...you CAN do it...and it is so worth the discomfort (and yes, some times misery) you have to go through.  I smoked for 40 years, and I know if I can quit, anyone can!!  Happy 10th to us!!

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Congratulations Nancy ..

For those who have followed us .

Nancy was the member who took me by the hand when i arrived at the forum 

I will always be grateful...❤️❤️



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To all the newbies who are active or lurking, I can tell you that quitting smoking is definitely something you can do and it is worth the early struggles.


I quit after roughly 20 years as a smoker, and the last few years of my smoking life was spent struggling with short quits, trying to cut down, relapsing, etc.  What helped me was joining a site like this and reaching out for support and reading about others' experiences in their quits.


I also tried to take it one week, day, hour, minute at a time.....whatever it took.  Don't worry about craves that might happen a day or two from now.  Just focus on pushing through and defeating any craves that you may be currently experiencing..  Each crave you fight through makes your quit stronger.


Quitting smoking is very doable and I encourage anyone who wants to quit to take the leap.  It is worth it.



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Congratulations to the spectacular Doreen and all members of the class of 2013 who have stayed the course and will be celebrating their first smoke-free decade this year!!!  I'm a couple of years behind and happy to say I'll never catch up because there's no way any of these folks are turning back.  

Thanks for showing us that one minute, one hour, one day at a time will eventually add up to the celebration of the decade!!!  Now, it's time to party like a penguin! 





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