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  1. PeachFuzz

    Use My Word

    Smoking damages your entire cardiovascular system PENANCE
  2. Kabobs with glazed Meditaranean vegetables
  3. PeachFuzz

    Add a verse

    Love this
  4. Cheetah's outrun zebra's every yard RQUST
  5. PeachFuzz

    Take Two

    You should matter to yourself more than anything in the world.
  6. PeachFuzz

    A to Z TV Shows

    Really giving my age away here
  7. PeachFuzz

    Use My Word

    Broke people are often happy people Majestic
  8. Ah ok BRAMT Thanks @Katgirl
  9. Pilaf Persian Style with Lamb
  10. Great mornings come without regrets
  11. Throw them away or give them away. You don't need a reminder. Matches light candles just as well.
  12. Hope you are feeling better today @Katgirl take it easy and look after yourself. p.s. one day when you have a glass of red wine again, you will be amazed how good it tastes mark my words. But yes it's an association and a trigger. Best left for a long time yet.
  13. That is one beautiful African Violet!!! Very happy and healthy.
  14. every squid squirts
  15. Terrible cats howling
  16. When we stop trying to control our environment and surrender to the natural flow of the universe, wonderful things start happening in our life. If your life is hell, be grateful. You are learning another valuable life lesson. You won't have to come back and go through all of this again.

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