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  1. Hope you are OK @kitchen_shower depression is no fun ever, low grade or not Good job on your 25 days
  2. What if there's something in the air?
  3. PeachFuzz

    Take Two

    The perpetrator was caught just in time.
  4. I think I missed a beat. Did someone say there's something in the air?
  5. NOPE Because my body is a beautiful temple, which I respect & that serves me every day. Freedom tastes SO sweet!
  6. Sirius already said that
  7. Voluptuous edible nymphomaniac
  8. I'm really not sure myself. Possibly we need to change the topic of conversation to something more interesting. What do you guys think to that?
  9. Oh OK , forgot about that YHAVP
  10. Chicken & Brocolli Bake
  11. It's attention to details that make all the difference
  12. Men notice kind lovers fantasize
  13. Wouldn't life be simpler if we didn't over think things so much?

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