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  1. Hey Tyme, that's it now chick, practice runs complete and I hope you learnt what you needed to learn. Smoking brings us nothing of any true value or benefit - quite the opposite my friend! All you need to do is today and not romance. Easy right! One step at a time. Don't overthink and don't over work it. Not smoking is waaayyyy easier then all the prep of smoking, the making sure you have them, counting how many etc...all done! Blissful. Let's get er done!
  2. Bring a whole new meaning to bring your own...brought your own lido deck lol. Good to "see" you.
  3. The boats in harbour!! 5 to go till the bubbles flow.....
  4. Don't make a bitch fly to slap you boy!
  5. I wish we had a love button like we do on facebook for this post. I 100% love all the extra time I have too and whilst initially, it felt pretty odd and I kept looking for things to fill that time - now I really embrace the extra hours in a day. Good for you on those improvements at work too - defo go you!
  6. Congrats on 1 month free! That's an amazing achievement. xx
  7. Hang about - from Aylesbury - snap!!! Congrats on the quit and ticker :)
  8. Amazing to get that week under your belt. Congratulations. xx
  9. Aww you beat me to it, it's cause we all love him :) Happy 3 year anniversary quit buddy. One of my most favourite men!! Thanks for being there for me and sharing your journey. Nuff Love. xx
  10. You're not wrong and I always want you to come and find this board because we all get it! Idiots, they are everywhere! You'll live buddy, deep breath, march this foot forward, that foot forward. Curse excessively under your breath and don't smoke. Simple. You own your freedom, it's a choice and one you shouldn't gie away cause people are numpties. sending strength and a solid sneaky right hook maybe :) x
  11. I needed distractions. Dance, clean, click my fingers, jump from foot to foot...anything until the moment passed The moments grew further apart. x
  12. BOOM!! 3 years Bat. Amazing stuff buddy and we're really pleased to have you here. xx
  13. If you were to change any part of your life then a "new normal" would take create some uncertainty. It's all good. You are doing the single best thing you can do for your body and general health so go gently with yourself. I like your doing no brainer stuff comment, very sensible. Not too big right now, sounds like you're feeling a bit foggy and that will clear with some time. What's your plan for rewarding yourself? Doesn't need to massive (or can be) like a magazine, scented candle, maybe perfume (it will smell SOOO different soon), etc etc.
  14. Hi, I seem to have missed the start of your journey. Massive congrats at being smoke free!! I think something clicks, then you know you can do this. Yes you have to educate and stay vigilant to triggers but you commit to being a non smoker too. Celebrate those victories y the way, as well as the time ones. It's finding a non smoking peace in a moment, then a morning, then a situation etc You are doing fabulous :) x
  15. No judging here, a number of us have been every kind of smoker from full on sick to our lungs to the 1 a dayer...non smoking is absolutely my favourite :) I think it helped me to know that a craving was not a physical pain in any way, just a very uncomfortable mental thought. For some reason that made me think - smoking WAS hurting me, quitting just felt emotionally tough for a while. When I balanced those two out the smoking became a really silly plan and then I followed the videos. Whyquit.com stories and posted irrational and emotional posts for what felt like forever to let the guys here support me. The "tricks". Believe in yourself and that you are already quit as you've put out your last cigarette. Don't overthink, one day or moment at a time. Read and learn, this is a mental confrontation so get yourself armed and educated. Get some distraction in place if you think that will help you. Maybe a list of what you hope to achieve by not smoking or just reasons you don't want to smoke anymore and keep it with you as a reminder. Then relax and enjoy, because some is pretty easy and not smoking is easier then smoking...you don't even have to do anything to be a non smoker. x
  16. Lovely photo Sandy but sorry for your loss. x
  17. I forgot to add, I still use myfitnesspal, free on the computer or you can download as an app. Only time I shift weight is when I use it to check myself that I'm not just being greedy lol. Let me know if you join and I can add you. Diets are bad news, we can never keep to them. Monitoring calories in and expended makes me accountable to myself without going overboard. xx
  18. Look for new connections to extend my circle. I'm incredibly picky about who I bother with lol, so I'm going to try and be nicer and friendlier.
  19. I've not heard this take on a salt lamp, for weight loss? Himalayan Salt Lamps are fore reversing ion particles that occur in the environment, from our electronics really like mobiles and computers etc...they send positive ions into the air around and we need negative ones from a salt lamp to kinda even it out. At least that's how I understand it works. It does also have qualities for making you more mellow - but I've had one and I'm still hyper a fair bit? That said, people comment on how calm my house is nowadays, but that could be the lamp or more weird stuff I do which I won't go into...I've waffled.. In conclusion, stop eating fatty and buy a salt lamp, it's a pretty light :) Love you!!! x
  20. Fell asleep, missed opportunities lol. Was drunk on a bender the two nights before with little or no sleep though so I don't feel too bad. Bet that following wake up was tough to back up T :) x

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