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  1. Congrats on the bravery to post up an SOS. It shows how truly committed your brain is! Every time you smash one of those bigger feelings back you gain ground and an upper hand. Fantastic job on doing something quick. POst up that pre respond to an SOS but also maybe write a list of things to do when your brain cops a fritz moment. Amazing, so well done on your quit. x
  2. I would like to congratulate you on being tame. I would've been in my motor and en route and facebook pages would've known my name lol. I think you did very well to just lose it on the phone - well done!
  3. ooo never read, thanks for the heads up. Love 1984.
  4. The not planning the smoke breaks in. It sounds crazy but my whole life was pressured around when and where I could next smoke! It was food for a long time though :)
  5. I'm 3 years in and still had a dream a couple of months back. The subconcious remembers is all I think it is. I have dreams about other dumb stuff I've done too but have no intention of actioning any of it. They feel so real though don't they! Keep marching on one step at a time. Soon enough the brain and body come back to you and you feel so amazing. Self worth and self belief go through the roof :)
  6. Talking and answering for cats is perfectly acceptable. Crazy cat people abound here. Pay no mind to Bakon, he's like the anti cat man haha. (My cat would still be able to take him though so all good :D )
  7. Vent away!! The emotions are all levelling and your body is healing itself, it's working as hard as you :) xx
  8. Congrats on an awesome 3 month quit. x
  9. I think both have real up sides. Pleased we'll be keeping more company :)
  10. Awww Mammy you go forth and be smut driven...it's like we're actually related now lol
  11. f a duck mammy, don't judge them if one hanging pot is bigger than the other hanging pot..... Duly noted
  12. hahaha, I'm a reformed woman...but let's hope I never get famous for the cash in option lol
  13. One shouldn't feel obliged to garden if one had other plans...seems legit Whilst I appreciate opportunities, I sense a deeper meaning... It's probably cause you have that nice new car - seems legit...
  14. Who knew?! I know we have a few Gardening enthusiasts, apparently this is the 13th (Crikey, missed 12 already) annual celebration of getting down and dirty - possibly in a literal sense.... Now if that's not a cracking addition to healthy living I don't know what is :lol2:
  15. Why did I keep reading?? I think I feel violated.... What happened to Mammy while I was off and running living life.... :wacko: :help:
  16. For a chick who could make a sailor blush - I am a Reiki Master Teacher which is a Japanese healing technique (plus lots of other jobs cause I get bored easily). I would have said about my creative swearing ability but most of you know so....
  17. Those dreams were awful and so real! Always such a relief to find it was just a dream and obviously some of our brains just need some catch up processing time :)
  18. Hey, I just want to say congratulations on your new smoke free life. It's ok to be a bit bitchy early days, it's such a shock to the system I think but the best shock you will ever get I promise. Each time you NOPE a thought you get stronger. It's all good, do whatever you need to do to keep taking steps forward. xx

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