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  1. Oh yay, that works!! Thanks Joe!
  2. So I shall ask politely here, as oppose to the swear thread which not everyone looks at but is where I often reside... So it would seem, that we no longer just "push the button" of the little green variety, when we want to copy and paste a pic or whatever across. Is there another EASY way to do this. Before some helpful soul starts talking of shrinking pictures and photobomb or bucket or whatever that wan... interesting site is, I can't work that. I basically always have to ask Joe to perve at my photo's on facebook and message me one that works! Top man Joe! Help? Pretty please.
  3. Having two kids wasn't my best plan. They just talk, all the time! Absolute nonsense! When one stops for air the other jumps in. Why do they talk so much s**t? They are ruining my thought of how great a parent I was going to be!
  4. So glad you were ok. I have a 12 year old and I don't help with homework. I just laugh in her face and tell her to go to homework club. Screw that, we'd kill each other!
  5. Huge congratulations. A massive achievement. xx
  6. Wow, I didn't know we still did this at my stage. I was coming on to swear lol. My quit is still an absolute joy to me and apart from my children, remains my single biggest accomplishment in life.Literally changed my life. I hated being bound financially and timewise. Limitless freedom and the ability to (mostly) manage my finances have been extremely liberating! Self worth is a wonderful by product of quitting as is the most beautiful friends. Thank you. xx PS Mammy, defo drunk half a bottle of plonk to celebrate
  7. A little hungover and drinking tea. Excited that my washing machine pipes have finally defrosted (it's in the garage) and I can do 4 days of washing. Deep joy!
  8. Massive congrats for your 1 year celebration. Welcome to the deck. xx
  9. My lovely quit smoking buddy has 4 fantastic smoke free years under his belt today!! Not that we ever doubted him but he has made the ride a hella lot more fun Happy anniversary buddy. Love you to the moon and back.
  10. I'm excited for you because those benefits and health wins only improve over time! You just wait until your self esteem and self worth start kicking in too, those are epic wins when you only expected health and finances. You're doing amazingly. x
  11. Great job, I really enjoy watching your amazing journey.
  12. Congrats on 4 years free and a whole new life to boot. xx
  13. Massive congratulations to reaching the deck!! I hope you are treating yourself for reaching such an amazing milestone. XX
  14. I had loads! The Snot and Nope obviously The one I used most was Do not put something in your mouth and set fire to it, you can do anything else. When I phrased it that way it seemed a pretty silly plan anyway. "For Milly and I" was my go to in the early days, I would say it over and over until the thought lost it's hold. I quit when my daughter (Milly obviously) was 8 and I'd had my first puff of a cig at age 9. The thought of enabling her to be like me turned my stomach and I would highly suggest a personal mantra to everyone.
  15. I think your post is asking about what makes one person quit easier then another? You suggest there might be "reasons" that make it more bearable in some way but that's not my understanding on it. I should go back for a moment. I was not in the easy quitting crew - I was more then hanging on by a thread, blood sweat and tears kind of quit. The variable (if you call it that) between my quit buddy and I was MINDSET. Our brain is our most powerful piece of kit and it's the one thing that seems to go on sabbatical when we quit. It boils down to the Henry Ford quote which is along the lines of whether you think you can or think you can't - you're right! Some days suck and some days don't - whether the cause on that day was not smoking, ratty kids, moody family - whatever. So on the days that sucked more I simply got busier. I still have bad days as a human (shock horror) except now the reasons don't include smoking, but when we are quitting we put that thought in everywhere!! Having a shit day is normal and I no longer blame quitting but look for the actual cause of the trouble - whereas once I would thought associate every bad mood, bad day with craves/triggers/ etc, basically I blamed quitting smoking for everything, for months!! I eventually understood it was a thought and the thought had no power unless I acted on it... then the craves got better or at least shorter. You ask about NOPE and I can see how it's not for everyone. For me it was a huge part of my quit for two reasons. It was my promise to myselfthat today at least, I would fight, no excuses. It was my promise to those who were quitting with me that we had that solidarity and camraderie, I had their back and they mine and that meant no one falling off. I don't know if you've seen a quitting buddy fall off the wagon. (apologies, I'm not around much). But it shakes you on multiple levels. You question whether it can even be done, can anyone really quit forever. You create loopholes where you can just quit again together later. More then that if they fall off and you hold on having tied your quit in with theirs, it feels brutal. So I took my nope very seriously, it was my promise to myself but also my friends that we would stay quit together.
  16. I love this and think it's perfect timing!
  17. I'm going to do my whole let's keep this real thing. It's always gonna suck to release addiction. ALWAYS! The simple facts it's about how we choose to face down the journey. I think we can all empathise with the up and down scenarios of a quit as we are finding new ways of coping with normal life without the crutch that we have always used for everything. The addiction is insidious and we wove it through the entire tapestry of our life. Need a break, smoke. Feeling stressed, smoke. Out socially, smoke. Having a beer, smoke etc etc. WE wove it in and it's up to us to face down those thoughts and triggers to get it out. So if that was a bad day then that sucks. But it's not a bad quit, that's your brain trying to take you back to what it knows! You can do this, it can be euphoric in parts and dark in others. Just keep plodding, one foot in front of the other and get through the bad times whilst looking forward to the good behind it. xx
  18. Hey Jess!! Hang on in there. Non smokers/never smokers have bad days too remember. Just a bad day, not a bad life is what I used. Pleased to see you back in the game :) xx

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