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  1. PinkyPromise

    chicks or sticks

  2. PinkyPromise

    At least SOME good news at the hospital.

    It was our WEDDING cruise too LOL
  3. PinkyPromise

    At least SOME good news at the hospital.

    Ew damn :( I'm sorry you ended up at the hospital! I had cellulitis once and I'm not big at all -- it's basically a nasty infection usually where a wound is. I'd burned the hell out of my leg with a hand held steamer and then went to the Bahamas... I thought salt water would be helpful so I hopped on in, went snorkeling, floating around. Evidently that made it worse. Anyhow -- last night of the cruise my husband was like -- "Look, you're turning pale and sweaty and you need to go to the infirmary." I was like -- "Noooo, I've got this. I can tough it out!" Gimped on over because he made me get it checked out and it was just bad. We had to go to the ER directly after getting off the ship -- between the treatment on the cruise ship and the cost of the ER, we spent all of our wedding gift money. Good times. THAT is my cellulitis story!
  4. PinkyPromise

    Post a Song you Like

    We got a little busy over here -- Santa Pics, Family Pics, kids are out of school, all that jazz lol
  5. PinkyPromise

    chicks or sticks

    hahaha, whoops! OK, let's do this: -4
  6. PinkyPromise

    Post a Song you Like

    Blink 182 - I Miss You -- love that one. I actually still burn CDs for my car So that's on disk #4 along with a Peter Murphy/Postal Service Mashup which I can't find anywhere to share, but it rocks. So here's this one instead:
  7. Cracking up about the Bakon commentary
  8. PinkyPromise

    Back Again

    Hi Jules I am new here but I think I saw some older posts you'd made. We can be "new quitters" together lol
  9. PinkyPromise

    chicks or sticks

  10. PinkyPromise

    Post a Song you Like

    I can't say I really "LIKE" this song -- but it's about a train -- a quit train LOL -- and I remember dancing to this amazing hit back at high school homecoming dances
  11. PinkyPromise

    chicks or sticks

    -1 morning!!
  12. PinkyPromise

    chicks or sticks

  13. I feel a lot like this as well. I have a LOT of reasons to stay quit. My main motivation overall is my children. However -- what is helping me stay quit... hell, that changes every day. Sometimes several times a day. If my asshole sister can quit, so can I. Money -- I can save $130.95 a month. Smoker's lips -- gross, right? I have to sometimes just sit and browse for smoking related illness pics. And YES, there are times when I'm feeling like -- no, I can't fail this. I don't need any jackass all lined up to tell me "I told ya so" -- like as if they are wishing me ill or didn't believe I could quit. Mostly I just enjoy that I'm free to complain and whine as much as I want and my husband and kids don't care. I spent at least an hour wrestling with 1,500 lights in the Christmas tree last weekend and just grumbled and bitched toward the end -- hubby was like, "Do you want me to finish those?" "NO! What I WANT is a cigarette, THAT is what I want!" So my 6 year old daughter comes on over, "Here mama, I brought you a lollipop, I think this will help. And I'm proud of you, mama." 3 year old son comes over and looks up at me. "Lollipop?" -- I take it out of my mouth and hand it to him... he walks off with it. Hubby brings a new one and a fresh coffee. *sigh* I got this.
  14. Yes, this! I have this also! I know exactly the feeling you are talking about and you're right -- it's not like a thought you're having but an overall feeling... I'm glad to hear yours are slowing down and getting less intense.
  15. Yes, this! I 100% was hoping to minimize my hardcore sucking days LOL I truthfully have no idea whether I did or did not. I don't know how different any of this would have gone if I'd ended up NOT having any side effects with the Chantix. Or if I went cold turkey. I can't even pretend to know and at this point it doesn't even matter... I feel like I'm in it to win it no matter what. Ya know but I really DO still feel a LOT like that damn dinosaur someone posted... I need to go find that shit and repost, just so I can laugh.

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