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  1. 3 months is a great quit, congrats! You seem like you might be a troublemaker - you'll fit right in :)
  2. I was so scared of running out I rarely did, always had smokes. I used to get annoyed that others weren't prepared if they asked lol. So much easier not having to plan that now!
  3. You've done amazingly to identify where it's coming from. It's the one thing we can't explain isn't it, how easy it is not to smoke and that we won't suffer. It's simply about identifying the triggers and either telling them to get lost, or putting a new and healthier habit in. Brilliant post. x
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. May he have an easy journey to summerland and rest where there are no addictons. Blessings to you all. x
  5. Massive congrats on 3 months!! Massive acheivement. Pleased you felt you could post it over facebook, support is crucial :) Much love. xx
  6. Aw I would love to come back and swear and drink with you guys again, I had a great time.... but alas - I am poor! Hope you get some other meet ups in :)
  7. Cracking up at the meme's. Massive congratulations on the most wonderful journey! 1 year of freedom is no small eat and I'm chuffed to bits for you. xx
  8. oh 5 days to go... exciting times!! I shall get me "frock" ready :)
  9. Can't wait to see the pics Joe! Safe travels. x
  10. This will forever be my favourite date. A mahoosive NOPE from me, today and every day :) Have a smoke free and fabulous day! x
  11. Spring Equinox on Monday 20th, not long to go :D Shhh, but it was almost warm here one day this week (don't wanna jinx it lol)
  12. I have enjoyed this thread an unhealthy amount. You guys are funny. x
  13. HI AIne, Sorry I missed this. I'm so delighted to hear that you (and comrade) are doing well and healthier in your new life. Ireland looks amazing, hope it was fabulous. x
  14. Hi and welcome. I understand that things in life can be very stressful. It might make it easier for you to separate the quit from your life mentally. Almost nurture and protect it as you would a newborn as I really genuinely believe it is an amazng gift we give ourselves when we quit, more so in the face of a lack of support. In honesty, you don't need anyone to support you and you absolutely can do it alone. It's all about you and what you choose to do now, how best for you to look after you (no one else is doing that or you) and how you choose to move forward in your life. I want to add that I and so many of us were almost "scared" to quit. The reality is with every hour, morning, day etc that I passed I felt a growing sense of self belief. It was actually pretty powerful and built some genuine self respect alongside a healthier me and bank balance, a wonderful "side effect" of the quit :) We feel like it will be a battle, but in truth it's a series of thoughts to quit and about sticking to the choice that makes you healthier, wealthier and more balanced as a person. It's about learning new habits, to replace those that aren't serving you anymore. There is nothing in the physical as you half expect. So focus your thoughts and get a list to carry around with you maybe about why you want to be free of nicotine addiction and look at that when you're tempted. Speak soon. x
  15. Massive congratulations on 1 year my lovely. A true nosmo warrior. Xx
  16. Fruit juice to bring the levels backs in line, sips of. I felt sick to euphoric and back again. Ride the waves, it means your body is HEALING :) xx
  17. Fabulous, only 2 days till we're sipping cocktails on the deck!!

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