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  1. Congrats on your 5 years. I atually think you're an amazing guy for all the support you give. Hope you treated yourself :) xx
  2. 3 days - almost time for the flip flop and cat celebrations :)
  3. I don't know who they are but sorry you're poorly love. Feel better soon. xx
  4. Wish I had of knwn, I would of popped out to say Hi. Thank you for my wishes. I couldn't answer yesterday as I forgot my password lol. I had a lovely girls night in Tarot reading, (as ya do!) and some bubbles. It was lovely. xx
  5. I still focus on every year. The rest of the numbers don't mean so much anymore. Early days it was days, weeks, months, a year but also 10,000 cigs not smoked was a massive big deal to me. I wonder if it's because I'd seen an image of that many cigs in a glass cage and thought it utterly obscene.
  6. And then there's the commonwealth.... No one really understands the scottish but Sean is ok. Thing is we get a bit fed up of being called British when we are inidividually proud of our own country and it's heritage. Although it's sketchy in places at the moment lol. Then there's the fact that even though we're all linked together, there is animosity everywhere. Like Northern English have beef with Southern English. Wales and Scotland hate everyone except their own. I went to a football match once (England were playing) where there were Scots rooting for the opposition side - like wow, bad form but apparently it's normal.
  7. He's literally from the same town as me lol
  8. New triggers as well I think...the times that we haven't yet faced where we remember we smoke. Always stay vigilant. x
  9. Welcome in and congrats on your quit. xx
  10. haha, that's probably more like it!
  11. It's not just across the pond - the stupid is everywhere!
  12. Happy 4 years mammy. So so pleased you and your tootsies are with us. You're such a beautiful soul and have been a support on my own journey too. I want you to know this board celebrates you every day really but especially today. Love you. xx
  13. haha, I worried you'd changed for a moment, no cause for alarm! :D
  14. You're adopting cats now??!! Other then that, the advice sounded good and genuine lol
  15. Sometimes I forget how far we come on this journey. I'm sitting here with 5 minutes to go until a healing client arrives for Reiki and Tarot - yes I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it mine :) I started following this path firmly once I quit. I had extra time and money to train and hone my skills. I LOVE what I do and the feeling that I get to help people and I could not have done this as a smoker, I wouldn't have had the money and would have been fretful of needing a smoke part way through and getting the jitters or plain old just smelling. I don't think I smell now ;) What did you change after the quit? Have you been able to use the money for any positive stuff?
  16. So delighted for you my friend. Fabulous. xx
  17. Massive congrats on your 4 years. Love you! x
  18. Don't cross nerd girls - those chicks are bad ass :wub:
  19. That caffeine will affect you differently now. Maybe swop and change between regular and decaf coffee? Other then that, keep marching. You are healing beautifully and take the win of sleep if it comes, all good news. You're doing so great. xx

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