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  1. hi to everyone that remembers me from a while ago, just a quick note to say that I am still not smoking even after coming up against most of the excuses available to us. ie. pub,holidays,birthdays,funerals,stressed,peer pressure etc.Been through all of them and not smoked, so for anyone just starting out, its hard, but don't think it cant be done. Smoking ruled my life for over 30 years and now I am coming up to 2years not smoking. There is no tip I can give anyone other than what some of the wiser people here have said to me and many others, and that is to not light a cigarette and take a puff of it.Do whatever you need to get through the initial cravings, just don t smoke.My younger sister is trying to give up now,and names me as an inspiration. She s called me many things over the years, but never that, so I am taking that one, and feel quite proud. Good luck anyone starting out, and well done those still going. Pedro
  2. ​Oh I forgot to say Bakon, not the bits you were thinking, no selfies I m afraid. I m holding a prize draw this week and the winner gets to spend a weekend in Bakons head !
  3. ​Yea I m sure its just a coincidence too. It s amazing what seems too surface when you stop smoking,sore throat, constant colds,stomach troubles,disturbed sleep patterns etc.No wonder the first few weeks is difficult.Just got to remember you won t feel like that forever.
  4. ​My mrs. gave up smoking about 16mths ago and has experienced alopecia areata (patches of hair falling out) ever since. The doctor said it can be triggered by shock, trauma or illness but could not pin it down to anything in particular. Not sure if it is complete coincidence but it only happened just after stopping smoking.Would be good to hear any feedback from anyone. Thanks.
  5. ​good work, a massive milestone, and you should be proud of yourself.
  6. Congrats to the jackster, well done that girl.
  7. ​Nice work rec. part of the group that all started around the same few weeks of each other, and are still going strong.
  8. ​good work jewel, hardest bit done, now keep it up.
  9. ​I will drink heavily for at least 3 days to help you celebrate. Thats the kind of milestone that warrants such a gesture! Well done you crazy man.
  10. ​Thanks everyone, much appreciated.If I had known it was this easy, I d have given up drinking, gambling,drugs and cross dressing. Still, one out of 5 is a pretty good effort for now.
  11. ​Nice one jack, thats the hardest bit done now.I was the opposite to you in the beginning, I found talking about giving up helped me more than trying to ignore it. Going to the pub doesnt bother me at all now, I can handle it easily. In fact all the things i thought would be difficult, like pub, holidays, big get togethers with friends etc I have handled ok. Just need to stop smoking in my dreams now,and Im sorted!
  12. ​Happy birthday fellow Aylesbury non smoker, have a good drink to celebrate and make that liver earn its keep. I am up town tonight drinking with my mate who s back from travelling, so if i see you laying in a pool of piss and vomit (preferably your own) i will assume you have had enough and order you a kebab and a taxi. Have a good un.
  13. ​I forgot to mention a friend on the boat trip the other day that has given up smoking...............apart from when she goes out drinking at weekends, when her friends are over,when she s on holiday,on boat trips,at bbq s, at parties, anyones birthday,christmas,new year, evenings,daytimes etc. Apart from that she seems to have cracked it !

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