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  1. Smoking can mask a whole lotta of stuff. I had some issues, I know others did too. But there is no reason to go back to smoking to mask it - now you just need help and advice to cope with that stuff better. You'll get there, don't give yourself any excuses. Side effects from quitting for me today, more money, this beer tastes awesome, I smell nice, the scented candle I just lit is the only thing frangrencing my home etc etc. NOTHING good comes of smoking, yes it can mask some stuff but we need to know about our health issues and deal with them individually as otherwise we are letting our whole body down. Much love and strength. x
  2. Awww I'm excited for you both. He's lovely for a tough guy :wub:
  3. Hahahaha, troublemaker!
  4. -4 Don't be pulling that hey you... :)
  5. It's cause some of us are clever mate :)
  6. I too changed up my morning routine. I started to shower straight away rather then my usual tea and cig option. Then I'd opt for radio and cleaning the kitchen rather then sitting in front of the tv and smoking. I found I needed a complete change! Weirdly, I still wipe down all the kitchen surfaces every morning now I think of it, over 3 years on :) I also had a straw which I sucked air through when the craves got strong (for the car mainly). Hope that helps. It's all about creating a new set of better habits and gradually the old reminders simply die off. x
  7. Funny thing is those hard days are often followed by an easy run for a day or two. You gain ground through the tough craves because you believe even more, that you can do it. This foot, that foot some days my friend but it's all good. x
  8. The guy I'm seeing smokes and even though never indoors, it's always present on the clothes. Funny how we never noticed!
  9. I'm not sure if it's the same but I had a lung scan, 9 months after quitting I was still coughing and worried so much. It was fine. But having it done did put my mind at rest and it will do the same for you I'm sure. Nothing is worse then faint fear hanging over your head. Get it done and dusted my lovely. xx
  10. Thank you for sorting the Picture out for me Joe. I am such a technophobe and can't do it. x
  11. and this cracks me up every time I see it
  12. I forgot about this :) My latest foster cat and I. 14 years old and given away as aggressive and savage...as if

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