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  1. Official Handover - Reci's Return

    My dear pig is back. Missed my pig. Hehehe, pig. Oink.
  2. chicks or sticks

    17 Muahahaha! Almost there!
  3. Bakon´s girlfriend

    Found her
  4. 1% Pledge

    I believe in you incontinentia buttocks. Screw the statistics, i wanna see triumph in your quit. And you can do it i know you can and so do you, So lets keep marching then. I´ll be with you until the lido deck.
  5. Post a Song you Like

    Come back pig lover! Ohne Dich (without you)
  6. Friday 20th April 2018

  7. PeaceTrain is 11 months Quit Today!!

    Congrats lad. The lido deck is on reach. Grab it.
  8. Pig Is On Holiday!

    Yes, i deciphered the tit messages. Now if only i could decipher your rotten english. What you on about incontinentia buttocks? Learn to write for gods sake. Love you though.
  9. Hello, everyone!

    Welcome! Take a seat lad.
  10. Pig Is On Holiday!

    Im beggining to miss my trustfull pig. Nights just aint the same without the pig by my side. :´(
  11. Pig Is On Holiday!

    Nooooooooooo! Pig lover i will save you babe! Damn right im bilingual, i can call your mom fat in two different languages! :´)
  12. Post a Song you Like

    Dedicated to incontinentia buttocks
  13. Monday 16th April 2018

  14. Pig Is On Holiday!

    Aww i see what you did there! You are due to a good spanking really soon! :´)

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