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  1. MrTitWank

    chicks or sticks

    15 almost there pig, almost there
  2. MrTitWank

    Why did you start smoking ?

    I was 18, i was one night with friends going through several bars and ended up borrowing several cigarretes one night and i started smoking. So i suppose it was kinda peer pressure.
  3. MrTitWank


    Piggy you can visit me anytime you want. And buttocks too. Maybe the three of us can have some group fun?
  4. MrTitWank


    Hey guys, It hit fairly hard for a couple of hours but now everything is fine. Lots of dirt though. Dirt sucks.
  5. MrTitWank

    chicks or sticks

  6. MrTitWank

    Jet Black is 1 YEAR Smoke Free

    Congrats lad, you did a good work. Now enjoy the victory. You did it. You quit smoking. Celebrate!
  7. MrTitWank

    what is you animal NOPE

    This thread makes me horny
  8. MrTitWank

    Holy crap

    No you wont smoke, you will beat this addiction remain a nonsmoker for the rest of your life mkay? Good.
  9. MrTitWank

    Martian5 is 9 Months Smoke Free

    Well done lad. Should be smooth sailing until the lido deck now. Barely a fight nowadays right? Keep at it.
  10. MrTitWank

    chicks or sticks

    3 damn
  11. MrTitWank

    Introducing “Baby Drew”

    Hey Drew whats up lad. Congrats Joe! 😀
  12. MrTitWank

    chicks or sticks

    6 no no no where are all the men? cmon!
  13. MrTitWank

    Thursday 4 th October 2018

  14. MrTitWank

    chicks or sticks

    9 cmon men, take your dicks out your hands and add a number!
  15. MrTitWank

    chicks or sticks

    10 ah thanks buttocks youre too kind, yes im having a good week

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