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  1. Sunday 12 th November 2017

  2. Saturday November 11, 2017

  3. chicks or sticks

    3 hey there lads
  4. Missdixie is 6 Months Quite Today!!

    Hey Boo isnt that "the most interesting guy in the world" that says "i dont walys masturbate, but when i do, i use a woman"? xD Congrats missdixie!
  5. Who said: I'm glad I smoked...

    That was me! I dont remember the thread though. Yeah im glad i smoked and im glad i quit. It changes a man! ps: just my opinion though, dont hate please...
  6. Slap,slap,slap slap

    Them chicks are getting slaped pretty hard! OUCH! hahaha
  7. How Did They Quit?

    Despite all the info and help you might come across in various forms, i think in the end it comes down to decision and endurance. You have to really want to quit smoking, and thats the main thing. Messageboards wont do miracles you know. They´re fun though. :´)
  8. chicks or sticks

    6 well done piggy and joe! :´)
  9. chicks or sticks

    chicks be like sticks are all chicks GO HOME!!
  10. Bad drivers

    Thats funny because here in Portugal and most of europe all the cars are manual. I just cant imagine driving without the fun of accelerating to 6k rpm and putting a shift up, it must be really boring to be honest.
  11. First Snowfall of 2017-2018 Season - Tomorrow!

    Meh...15ºC in Portugal. Sunny and warm 9 months of the year, a bit chill 3 months. Never snows, barely rains. I know you window lickers from cold contries would like to live in a warm place but to be honest im beginning to get tired of good weather. Its always so sunny!
  12. Jackie is 10 Months Smoke Free Today!

    Yeah Jackie gonna be a mom! So proud! :´)
  13. Thursday November 9, 2017

    Nah...i quit smoking... NOPE!
  14. Bad drivers

    Yeah...window lickers on wheels.