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  1. Friday, Jan 19 2018

  2. Super Newbie just signed up

    Welcome! FF10 rules! Stay close and you will succeed.
  3. John Is 1 Year Smoke Free Today!!

    Congrats John! :´)
  4. My turn i guess. (trigger warnings)

    I heard from my doctor once that at the 3 month mark theres some kind of second withdrawal. I didnt experince it myself because i was climbing walls 5 months straight but, yeah, there seems to happen something special after 3 months. Maybe a swan song.
  5. Crazy smoking dream

    I never dreamed about smoking, but yeah, do it awake would turn into a BIG dissapointment! Never again!
  6. Very odd withdrawal symptoms (help?)

    Dizziness is quite a common symptom from what ive learn, you have more oxygen getting into your brain; i myself was dizzy for like the first three months or so. Also, you might feel tired because nicotine, if im not mistaken, is a estimulator. (sorry for bad english)
  7. Some of us are freezing !!!

    About 10/15 ºC here in Portugal. Not too cold, but sucks nonless. I miss summer...
  8. Jackie Is 1 FULL YEAR Smoke Free Today!!

    Way to go Jackie mom, well done.
  9. I imagine you would puke a lot and be sick to your stomach man...
  10. Jan 2018 Roll Call

  11. Monday 1 st January 2018

  12. Greetings from Joel Spitzer

    Hi Joel! Welcome. I´ve been talking to you occasionally on youtube under the nickname "ILikeTurtles" ;´D I barely think of smoking anymore but back in 2016 i watched your videos a lot. Man, i was climbing walls, watching your videos and drinking cold water nonstop! :´D Thanks a lot for your materials and all the work you do. :´)
  13. Im basically gone but i aint forgetting my babes date. Mr piggy, know for his rap stage name 2Pig/Tupig Shakur is now 11 months free! oink... Mr pig, you´re one of the most awesome posters here on this train and i salute your achievement sir, oh yes, well done indead; just one more month for that sweet lido deck date right? oink By now you must be over the cigarretes i guess; just that ocasional feeling of having just one maybe? Dont screw it pig, dont screw it... Pig, babe, one of my resolution for 2018 involves less internet. I dont know if ill be here for your lido deck arrival, but anyway... Peter, really, thanks a lot for your contribution man. Respect!

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