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Feeling more trendy and hip than usual.  I've reached that point in life where by the time I hear about a trend, it's already falling out of fashion.


However, with lumber supplies low and prices rising folks on the interwebs are looking into "recycled wood."  Hip urbanites are figuring out how to build furniture using old pallets.


I've been using old pallets to build things for a couple of years now.  And I have access to a bunch of pallets.


While I recognize it is a fleeting thing, I'm enjoying temporarily feeling like a cool guy.


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54 minutes ago, Doreensfree said:

Now !!!!.....If you can just sort your fashion out too !!!!😁


I'm not typically the sensitive type.  However, I was a bit offended when a friend of mine said: "Boo's the kind of guy that buys his clothes at the hardware store."


That hit a little close to home.  I did buy my favorite jacket at Ace Hardware.  It keeps me warm on cold days.  It keeps me dry on rainy days.  It fits like a glove...What more could you want from a jacket?


The catwalks of Milan and Paris will just have to wait.


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Drawing up some informal blueprints.


Did a bit of bartering this afternoon and traded some C-channel steel for some pressure treated lumber.  I'm building a playhouse for my daughter.  The finished project will look similar to the playhouse pictured here...



Boo the Builder...Yes we can!

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12 minutes ago, Doreensfree said:

Better get whittling then Boo ...

You sure know your way around a plank of wood ...😁👍


No time for whittling.  Breaking out the circular saw and power drill.


Power tools and sawdust...that's living!


12 minutes ago, jillar said:

That's nice @Boo, but she's a little girl and us girls need color, window boxes, definitely a mailbox and possibly an emergency slide (in case of evacuation)😂😂


I can do window boxes.


The other stuff will have to be post-construction additions...tentative.

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I had the honor of watching a neighbor build one very much like this for his baby girls. I got to watch those girls play  in that little house for years.  I cried the day he took it down, his girls so big that it was coming apart and they did not use it anymore. The childhood memories though will be with them forever. You give your baby such a gift of love!


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Was looking in the curio cabinet and spied the KISS PEZ dispensers my mom bought my husband years ago. I LOVE PEZ The box is unopen and there are two.

So......my dilemma is...do I break open one of them boxes and get the pez out? 🤔 



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Still pondering what to do about them PEZ... The tin they are in is sealed pretty tight and the copyright on the bottom says 2012. So given that my mom sent them and she's been gone since 2019 that means the soonest date he could have got them was Christmas 2018.

So the PEZ inside are at least 3years old. 

We also know that candy lasts forever if not eaten first so is it worth opening up if the candy could be spoiled? 🤔


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