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non-smoking DOGS


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He's a Mal, but from show lines. No drives for the work. Loves to sleep, upside down, and run the neighborhood once a month. When I went to get him, near DC across the bay bridge somewhere, parents were there. Dumbest dogs I have ever seen. People didn't teach them to sit so in show ring they would stand. Unbelievable how little these people knew and they were the head of some malinois organization for showing them. Didn't want the dog to go to a home with two kids and a woman so he sat till 4 months old and I found him. Must not know how to read pups because he is the perfect house/pet dog. Also had a hereditary problem with his testes, had to get minor operation and fixed young. Very disappointed in breeders/show people after that. To continue to breed for looks, waste all the other potentials and ignore hereditary problems, I will never buy off show people again. Give me the junk yard looking, work lines.

Female shep has too much drive, thinks she is a malinois, lives for the ball and to find anything you throw in the woods. Her lines are search dogs but she would make a decent patrol dog if we had tried.

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see above anytime you question my thoughts about action not having a dangler at times. CUTE? men don't use that word. Dog looks badass.


Look at those pictures of Ralph... and tell me he doesn't need to be squeezed!


Plus, live with my wife for 10 years, and try not saying that everything is cute, lol


PS. he does look badass too...

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