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  1. Wow, way to go DD. Welcome to the club :)
  2. What a great post to remind us all how much has happened since your quit! I am very happy for you both and proud of you as well. Keep rocking the quit!
  3. Happy Birthday Sally, and many happy returns!
  4. Welcome, pleased to meet you :good:
  5. Wow, 3 years already. I forgot that so many awesome people quit 3 years ago! :)
  6. Congratulations! 3 years feels great, doesn't it :good:
  7. Hello friends, I am still here, if only in body! Not been getting much sleep for what seems like an eternity (although in reality it's probably about 6 weeks), and it's really challenging at work presently too (I have been travelling a lot). However, at no point has smoking even crossed my mind, as that is no longer me. I just checked my app it is telling me: Money Saved: £4,388.85 (although in reality it is probably more due to tax raised on cigs) Life Regained: 274 days Cigarettes not smoked: 10,972 In other good news, my Dad has now been smoke-free for nearly a year (he stopped just before Arabelle was born), and my S-I-L is also smoke free, although I don't know exactly how long, it's been a while - maybe a year? Plus, she is pregnant, so I will get my first niece/nephew, and Arabelle will have her first little-cousin to torment ;) Aren't we all doing marvellously? Life is hard, but life is very good, and rewarding. So many good things have happened to me over the last couple of years, and I think all of them are somehow related to me not smoking. Thank you all for your support along the way, and we are all stronger together :good:
  8. Hi DD, good to see you. We just got a Halloween costume for Arabelle, so we will be taking lots of pictures! Looking forward to seeing yours as well
  9. I'm still here. Of course its a NOPE from me also :good:
  10. No such thing as 'those people' Tiff - we all have the ability to quit smoking and stay quit; there is nothing stopping you from doing it too! You can do it! :good:

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