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  1. Christa, I used to play a game called 'Kill the trigger' in my head. Each smoking thought is triggered by a ... trigger. You know, coffee, work parking lot, start of meeting, end of meeting, lunch, etc. I'd imagine hitting the trigger with a hammer and going ... die, trigger, die. Each time we don't smoke, we are effectively beating that trigger down and eventually it dies. You should welcome these thoughts as it's your chance to prove who's boss.
  2. Being able to run. I still can't believe that these lungs after years of abuse are able to cope with running.
  3. Awesome, Doreensfree! Isn't it amazing what we can do once we set our minds to it and we get a little support. I've come to value the support we receive ... without it I don't know if I'd have been successful.
  4. Awesome, Nikki! You're doing great. I used to play a game in my head ... I would imagine hitting the crave with a hammer while mentally shouting (at least I don't think I voiced it) - Die, Crave, Die. The thing with triggers is that the majority of them are daily triggers - coffee, lunch, drive, before work, after work, dinner, etc. We get through a majority of them in the first few days and if we survive the initial few days, the daily triggers are already weaker. However, there are occasional triggers still waiting to trip us up - travel, bad news at work or home, etc etc. Even though it gets easier, we need to stay alert because these show up just when we start to feel confident. Stay strong and looking forward to your journey journal.
  5. Congratulations, Nikki! You should be feeling the effects of quitting already in your breathing. I used to enjoy taking deep deep breaths. Why not list down the reasons you're quitting. You can always come back and read them if you need a little motivation. Stay close to the forum and ramble away. It helps to be able to be close to people who have gone through the same journey and can relate. Also, every time you beat a crave (like the one with the coffee), the crave gets weaker and you get stronger. Within days, you'll have defeated all the usual daily craves. Finally, remember to use the SOS before giving in. It really works and has saved many a quit.
  6. If you like exploring, discovering new experiences, you may want to experience life without cigarettes :). Something totally different and new. Kind of like a journey on the Enterprise.

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