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  1. Newbie

    welcome Latoya, your determination and the advise and knowledge here will ensure your success, but it is your determination that lays the golden egg, post as much as you can, read everything and jump in and join in, when you are new to the board it can seem a bit daunting at first but after a few posts you immediately become part of the quit train family, you should find something to your taste in the social side and there is no such thing as a silly question so ask away!
  2. Today is Doreen's Birthday! Party Time!

    Happy birthday doreen xx
  3. Time to send each other Cyber Xmas Presents !!!!!

    Boo and Doreen the gimpy suit convo is just too funny! and too early i just ate breakfast and now my sides hurt!!
  4. Missdixie is 7 Months Quit Today!

    congratulations Missdixie, 7 months is awesome!!
  5. high Cholesterol

    I definitely need to up the cardio, Don't Think I'll Be Training For Marathons But Need To Push The envelope, Did You Have To Go On Statins OR Stop Them Once You Ran more?
  6. high Cholesterol

    Good luck with it doreen, let us know x
  7. high Cholesterol

    This will totally be rez, he won't go for tests until after Christmas but I bet he us normal!!
  8. high Cholesterol

    I know all about gall bladders and stones, Rez mum has just had her gall bladder taken out on Monday she is staying with us to recoup, but she was sick for a while, its not good :( are they not removing your gallbladder? I will share my lettuce if you share your beetroot, love them
  9. high Cholesterol

    I had many hormone blood tests done and a fasting one, the thing is I was diagnosed a few years ago in Uk with high cholesterol so I was doing the diet and exercise and thought I was ok so when this new diagnosis came through I was shocked and that`s why they said about the gene related issues, I checked through family and yes all the women had it, I think its made worse these days due to the western diet and processed foods, I totally agree with you about they want you on meds for nothing here, but I think in my case its for the best. Im usually the sort who dont take meds and try and treat through diet but im no nun and I have some vices just everything in moderation, the new BUZZ word lol.
  10. So I have been diagnosed with gene related High cholesterol, there is a fancy medical term about but I cant be bothered with all that jargon, it inherited by one or both parents, basically I am fat on the inside! which I feel is unfair as I am quite active and eat quite healthily, apparently even if I just smelt lettuce all day my liver would produce high bad cholesterol :( So just diet and exercise wont cure it, so I am now on statins! So my advice is even if you are quite fit and healthy on the outside, it might be a good idea to get your bloods checked at least once a year! now wheres that lettuce!
  11. moving your butt?

    wow you ladies are putting my routine to shame, think I will have to up the Anti! BAT and Bakon step away from the doughnuts
  12. Sunday 10 th December 2017

    nice picture jimmy NOPE