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    Worst part is over, my breathing back to normal and able to guide myself in that. Still a bit in shock, what a huge primitive experience this was. Relieved that I used what was left of my senses and contacted you guys here. I think I'll hit my bed soon, my brain and heart appear like they've been running marathons. What a theater. Broadway ought to be jealous
  2. MLMR


    Conciously breathing adds to the panic right now. I sometimes have that, I always try to prevent getting in that state. Writing helps though. Distraction and less sense of doing this alone.
  3. MLMR


    Still here. Won't smoke. Thanks so much for being here and answering all so massively and quick.
  4. MLMR


    Reading here, dont really know what to say. Thanks a lot for all of your answers. I'll stay at home and try to ride it out. Not sure how chat works by the way.
  5. MLMR


    I would really like your support right now. For reasons too delicate to write down here, I'm pretty upset. I don't want to smoke, but the urge is huge. I am totally not connected this moment, not to my reasons or anything concerned quitting actually. I have to do it on sheer willpower right now. I vowed to do it the loving way this time, so therefor reaching out. ?
  6. So, somehow you feel like you don't care anymore. Maybe it's the depression, anxiety, or just some sh☆tty situation. Let me tell you this: you do care and you definitely give a lot about it. You used to think you didn't care, because it was easier and less vulnerable. Back then, it was your only way to survive. But now things are different, you have changed. Be honest with yourself and listen to the soft voices. They want to be heard. They will help you continue this journey. X

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