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  1. OK, just a wild guess here.............. You and the family are moving to Poland?
  2. It is nice to finally see the progression to having a little easier go of it. I too have just come to the point of not constantly thinking about smoking. The thoughts I do have now seem different too. Not as urgent or something like that. Easier to just brush them aside and carry on. Those early days were rough at times. Just gotta find a way to keep yourself busy or go nap a lot or whatever gets you through the day. It really does get better after a while.
  3. If it's of any consolation, I had a pretty significant issue with this so called brain fog. Has really just been getting much better the past week or so. Lasted a long time for me. Many days I was pretty much useless in terms of getting stuff done. It was very frustrating.
  4. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    Zero (Actually had to work today :( )
  5. I wish I had made a daily journal for my own quit just so I could go back and read what was going through my mind in week1 and week 2 etc. The progression of this quitting thing is so gradual and happens so slowly that it's hard to remember in detail what you were going through a week or 2 ago. I just know it's a lot easier for me now after a month than it was in the early part of my quit. We all have to find our own ways to keep ourselves occupied in new and different ways to avoid giving into those cravings. Each on you fight off make the next one easier to deal with.
  6. Hope you're going someplace nice :) Have fun!
  7. One day at a time, it's a journey that will lead you to freedom!

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