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  1. Congratulations on 10 months free of those nasty cigs.:) Wow, only 2 more months and we will be having that Lido Deck party :D Great Job SF!!
  2. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    oops .... my bad. It was the Bakon factor??? -12
  3. I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed to be a part of a thread that starts out so innocently and sweetly then after 3 pages sinks so far into the abyss as this one has!
  4. I'll take 3 of this please - thank you.
  5. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    ^^^ I know. Pretty much qualifies as cheating, far as I'm concerned! +1
  6. Only because there's so many of you!
  7. Congratulations on being 1/4 Year smoke-free Jim. Well done!
  8. Congratulations C2B! 2 months done and behind you now. Well done!
  9. Proud of you Feely! And yes, keep that attitude. I know the pure determination got me through some tough times and will serve you well too :)

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