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  1. StewieTech

    Encouragement poem

    Love it. Well done lad.
  2. StewieTech

    Non Smoking Pigs for Reciprocity.........

    DAMN YOU! I curse your name. You broke my heart!
  3. God, thats depressing. Good post...
  4. Damn. Strong words. Dude died before his 4 year anniversary, thats rough. Lord have mercy...
  5. StewieTech

    Non Smoking Pigs for Reciprocity.........

    Piggy, babe. ❤️
  6. StewieTech

    For the umpires teen time.

    Welcome! Big hug to you!
  7. StewieTech

    chicks or sticks

  8. StewieTech

    Hey chicks

    Babe you reacted "confused" to my original post. Dont you remember babe? Yeah i know, sexist jokes are not one of my strong points. But reallly those chicks, always removing numbers and making fun of us sticks, idunno....i dont like them.
  9. StewieTech

    Monday 9th July 2018

  10. StewieTech

    Hey chicks

    Pig lover didnt get the joke, hes all confused and shit.
  11. Its true, MrTitwank is pretty genious. Dont worry i wont disappoint. I hand pick the best naughty names out of a list of very, very naughty names. I assure you, the next username will make you smile a lot. Penis.
  12. StewieTech

    Hey chicks

    Go make me a sandwich... Nah, i keed! But really why are you outside the kitchen? Strange... 😮
  13. Aww babe, thanks! Its true, i do wank a lot. But....Ok i do wank a lot. (btw have 4 super naughty new usernames to replace stewietech)
  14. StewieTech

    Nancy is 5 Years Smoke Free

    Well done Nancy. You are a sweetie and an inspiration. Keep at it.
  15. StewieTech

    Hi Guests and Lurkers

    All bunny lovers are welcome here. The same goes for pigs and wanking.

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