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  1. Hahaha este gajo ainda goza, tu não tens mesmo noção de como funciona o mundo...adeus!!!
  2. Yeah my book would be pretty boring too! The reader would certainly die of boredom. Im glad i have the discipline to not write such a boring book. Im even smiling today at myself at how nice im being; the target audience is very lucky. Anyway, this is goodbye from me, this forum has done its service well but i got a life to rebuild in 2019. Im clearing the cookies (yummy!) and not visiting the forum anymore. Im done with smoking after all. Goodybe my dear pig! And please, cherish life...life is a beautiful thing :) Peace and love ?
  3. I no longer have the ideas for my book. Happy new year!
  4. Stewietech

    The book!

    I decided not to write it. Time to look into the future not the past. Snowy new year!
  5. Tammy you have a natural talent for writting. Have you consider trying to make it as a writter? Im putting my ideas for a book myself. Anyway, i congratulate you for being 6 months smokefree, thats a big achievement. You should be really happy. Please celebrate, and please, write more quality material here on the forum.
  6. Hey blur, whats up lad, I wish to give you some hope. For quite some time i didnt make it past day 1. Im serious, i couldnt handle a single day without smoking, had to go buy a pack at 8pm. Now you must be asking, well, how the hell is he almost 3 years smoke free? See, its a combination of many factory. Personally i think the two most important are determination and luck. Determination is everything when you´re quitting smoking; you will have to endure day after day, and it probably wont be easy for a while. Luck because everyday life is chaotic and unpredictable, so you might enconter a really big stress 1 week in and give in. In my case i think i had a lot of luck. Everything just clicked...i never made it past, i believe, 2 weeks without smoking. So, anyone failing at the very beginning know that there is hope. I believe you´re capable of quitting smoking, anyone is. Its really, so so so simple. Are you ready to embark on a extremely rewarding journey and save your life? We have lots of folks here that are willing to help you. PM me anytime you like. Wishing you sucess!
  7. Some years ago, i was very depressed, cut my arm and what not. What i did besides medication was lots of walking, eating healthy and sleeping 8 hours a day. And trying to stay positive and active, thats important. So, do you have any hobby? Maybe you like reading, how about you start reading some cheerful books? Just an example. The more you think about depression the more depressed you feel. The mind has a way of controlling everything, placebo ect, so keep fighting your inner dialogue and you should come out on the other side ok. Theres no incurable depression. I know a mother who lost a son, she was devastated for months, maybe years, but now she leads a normal life. Time cures all wounds. Give your inner warrior a chance to shine!
  8. Congrats Oldy. 1 year is the sweet milestone, you must now proudly consider yourself a nonsmoker. Please dont put that crap again in your lungs id be very upset. Should be easy now though...
  9. This one has been stuck with me for a while. I suppose you guys dont really understand Portuguese, but the message of this song is really beautiful.
  10. Stewietech


    Wait that a pretty pathetic heart. Here, heres a heart https://imgur.com/a/qnUeGWC for you guys
  11. We all go through hard times. Sometimes all it takes is a mistake and your whole life get turned upside down. The important thing is to keep a smile on your face and keep going. Hey im going through a hard time right now and i try to keep positive. Sure sometimes i feel depressed too but life must go on...

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