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  1. StewieTech

    Kdad is 2 months smoke free!

    2 months is very respectable. Lets make it three now
  2. StewieTech

    Monday 19 th November 2018

  3. StewieTech

    Hello my new world !!!!

    Not trying to be an asshole or too closed minded but i would give up the gum as soon as possible. Its nicotine going into your system. Go cold turkey lad. But hey, whatever makes you quit smoking. Im with you lad.
  4. StewieTech

    Building something

    This is the place i met Pig Lover. I will always be grateful to the train. ps: im seeing buttocks sometimes...ssshhhhh
  5. StewieTech

    chicks or sticks

  6. StewieTech

    Sunday 18th November 2018 :)

    Its simple really, just NOPE daily and endure some pain. Before you know it you will be indifferent to smoking. Yeah i know, it sounds like bullshit, quitting is really hard, but its really that simple. Hard, but simple as easy peasy. Please, please, do this for yourself. You can end up in horrible pain and death, its no joke. Lets do this then, i will be here with you.
  7. StewieTech

    chicks or sticks

  8. StewieTech

    Sunday 18th November 2018 :)

    I had about 20 2/3/7 days quits, a couple of 1 month quits and this successful one. I dont know what clicked or how i made it, but its possible. Strong endurance, strong commitment, nope. Best of luck. You will do it lad im sure. I sense sucess on your quit.
  9. StewieTech

    Father died of emphysema last night

    Im sorry Kate, Stay strong! A kiss and hug your way.
  10. StewieTech

    chicks or sticks

    4 Cmon pig, give me a kiss!
  11. StewieTech

    Sunday 18th November 2018 :)

    Well done for 1 hour lad. Believe it or not i had quits last less. So your are on the right path. Keep pushing!
  12. StewieTech

    Junkie roaring

    Please lad keep fighting this addiction. It will kill you otherwise. One day at a time, you will do it.
  13. StewieTech

    Use My Word

    I wish i could fly to the moon. Princess.
  14. StewieTech

    One Week

    Well done Lilly, lets make it two now. Step by step youll quit smoking. Keep at it lad.
  15. StewieTech

    chicks or sticks


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