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  1. StewieTech


    Your mother!!!
  2. StewieTech


    Even rain has its own smell once you quit. Yes, thats right, rain is better when you quit smoking! lulz
  3. StewieTech

    Wednesday 19th September 2018

    I come to NOPE and stay for the GIFs. lol
  4. StewieTech

    chicks or sticks

    0 hey pig
  5. StewieTech

    New quitter

    Hi, welcome. One day at a time. Keep NOPing. NOPE just for today. Its that simple. Good luck! :´)
  6. StewieTech

    My brain keeps doing circles

    You´re doing just fine as long as you dont put a fag on the lips and set it on fire. Embrace the pain. It gets better, to the point where its not a struggle anymore. Keep at it lad.
  7. StewieTech

    I carnt see any tickers !!!

    I see all! I am the lizard king, i can do anything!
  8. StewieTech

    Let's tell Jo what to do....

    Christ that makes me hot
  9. StewieTech

    Let's tell Jo what to do....

    I voted eyes. They´re sexy and mysterious. Oh, and feet. Yeah, im that guy! :´)
  10. StewieTech

    this is HUGE!

    Way to go lad! Well done :´) Its true, it does get easier...
  11. StewieTech

    Kids Anti Smoking Cartoon 1967

    Nice. So it was Satan all along. I knew it!
  12. StewieTech

    Sunday. 16th September 2018

  13. StewieTech

    chicks or sticks

  14. StewieTech

    Been thinking about you.

    Window lickers...everywhere...

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