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Confidence in the quit

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Been on here in the past. Been on here as a smoker and as a non smoker. I started with the ciggies last year fully again after trying to be a social smoker for 5 years.


I was that social smoker who didn't smoke the rest of the week. It doesn't work. You are either full in on a quit or you haven't beat the habit. Soon enough the social smoking had ventured into the rest of the week and I was fully smoking again. You're either all on with the quit or not at all. I'm ready for all in.


I'm full on focused that this is the time I will fully quit. I hardly go out socially much anymore but even if I do I'm sure/certain I will not want to go down that path again. 


The time has come, I've been down this path before. I know what the 1st few weeks will be like. The brain triggering at every trigger point. Up in the morning with a cuppa, the brain sends the signal of how you used to have a ciggie. Just home from work, the brain sends the signal of how you relaxed with a ciggie. These are all things that will be batted away again until the thoughts go completely.


Wish me luck if you want but I don't believe I'll need it this time. This is the time I finally beat it and regain my life. Will be in and out of here over the next few weeks, months to document my progress.

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The very best of luck to you, toc!  I’m a newbie and trying my best to ride this train!  The brain/psychological part of this whole thing is what gets me the most, how we have to fight our own brain for what’s right.  I don’t want to be a slave to this piece of paper and leaves.  I saw first hand what it did to my amazing daddy, my uncle….I want to break the chain.  Sure the thoughts come of “wouldn’t it be nice” but I breathe and breathe until I blow ‘em down - one hr, min, or sec at a time.  

Ok who’s making me talk like this? Lol I sound like a non smoker 🧐



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@tocevoD, I'd like to remind you of your post from August of 2022 where you stated that the next day would be the day to quit once and for all:


I remind you of this to help you realize that maybe just checking in to document your progress is not enough to insure your forever quit. If nothing else maybe come on to NOPE for the day to reaffirm your commitment to not smoke.

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Hi, @tocevoD. Glad to hear of your fresh resolve. Being an “occasional” smoker never worked for me, either… that’s just a bogus story that addicts spin to try and delude ourselves and others. Good on you for unmasking it. Stick close to the Train for positive reinforcement. Looking forward to having you around!



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@Brioski “Ok who’s making me talk like this? Lol I sound like a non smoker”  

LOL This ^  I LOVE IT! You are going to be okay. 

Go English GIF by Next Idiomas

@tocevoD ☘️Welcome! It’s great to see you back and ready to throw the cigarettes out for good this time. It will do you good to stay on this site as much as possible in the beginning. We are all here to help and would love to see you succeed!☘️

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Congratulations on your quit and welcome aboard.


I can attest that it certainly helps me to come on here everyday and read, also knowing that if it got to a really rough patch all I’d need to do is post and wait is so reassuring.


Committing on the daily nope thread is also really helpful.


I look forward to gettIng to watch your success 😃

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