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The wife is due to get her first shot this Friday. In Canada they're delaying the second shot for up to 4 months so they can get as many vaccinated with the 1st shot as soon as possible. Hope they're right in saying that delay is OK.


Send the antivaxxers to India for a week if they need to see bodies in the street. Far as I'm concerned, after the majority of people who want to be vaccinated have been then it's those that didn't get a vaccination who will be at risk. There's potential consequences to whatever choice one makes. I choose vaccination and I[m fine with accepting any potential consequences.

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3 hours ago, reciprocity said:

The wife is due to get her first shot this Friday.

They say you are pretty safe after the first shot.  I think we are only at 35% vaccinated and appts for vaccines have slowed.  I hope they start the covid passport for travel.  Let all those Nay sayers sit home!

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Sore arm bit of a temp for last night nights sleep but surviving the first dose of the Astra Zeneca. It’s good to know I’ve got the first dose out of the way but worry as a country we are so far behind in vaxing the whole of Aust. We can’t keep the country locked away from the world for ever. 

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Reading all your stories makes me realise how lucky we are in the UK. I got a text from my doctor saying book your appointment and the next day I had my jab.


I was told a few years ago a sore arm is where all your antibodies are running to the injection site working out how to save you from the invader.  


I had the first one, my next one will be around June and then there are plans for a booster shot for over 50's with underlying conditions in time for Autumn. 


Hoping everyone gets theirs soon

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Everyone's immune stystem works differently so understandable that reactions may be different as well . We are all unique .I really had no reaction my 1st dose or second dose and hopefully those little warriors will do their job if I need them. 

Pfizer here is available to 12 years old and up now . We are still as close to lockdown as we can be without full lock down three more weeks when it will be re evaluated . My second dose should be as effective as it will be , next week .  Two weeks post ) It is a relief . 

Still keeping all in thought for those trying to get their shots . Grateful for all those front line workers giving them day after day , hour after hour ,. It's pretty smooth going here once you get an appointment . 

Continue to be safe everyone . Thinking of every country battling this . It's heart breaking . 

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