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@Kdad, just click on the ticker tab at the top of the page. Put in your new stats and click save. Your ticker will update to the new numbers automatically since you already have it in your signature. 


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You want to be a Non smoker ,or you wouldn't still be here ..

Go back to basics,...refresh your mind with all the great information here ...keep reading ...

Watch Joel,s video,s ...

You are still believing the cigerette,s are offering you something.

Having cigerette,s around is not a good idea....

Out the cancer sticks down the toilet....

You can do it ...if I can ,then you can ....you have to fight for Freedom ...

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Might as well quit before your habit gets deeply cemented again...and the coughs anjd junk return, etc.  You can do it! Think of all the money you will have for other endeavors. Your desire to be able to breathe is stronger than the nicotine addiction. Focus on that as it is the #1 goal when you really get down to it. To be able to breathe...5, 10, 15, 20 years from now.  

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Kdad, my friend, what do you think those nasty things are doing for you? You forgot the basics of quitting...you forgot your rewards, you let the romance build up, you forgot your NOPE. You have to hang on to the basics, you have to remember quitting is as easy as just not smoking. I'm sending you strength, I'm sending you hope because I really want you to quit again. I want you to find your power. 

Cigarettes do nothing for you. If you need a break from your day then walk away from what your doing, get a cold drink, eat a small chocolate. Remember H A L T (hungry, angry, lonely, tired). Take control.

There's no demon other than your own mind...you are stronger than you think.

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Good for you ..flushing them away.....kdad....they will kill you ....your dicing with your life ....

Spend time Reading all the posts here ...old and new ....

Stay glued here ....

Take Smoking Off The Table .....No matter what .....even if your arse falls off.....

Make that Decision.....

I was here 24/7 in my early quit ....please Lean in is to help you through the hard times....

Write a Sos....it works ...

We all believe in you ....Let's get this done ...

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2 hours ago, Kdad said:

Ha!!  FLUSHED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN DO THIS!

 Good for you. Now, it's time to get to work and become a happy and healthier non smoker. You can do this kdad. You are stronger than the addiction.

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Sarge says it again:
There is nothing any of us here can do for you that you can't and won't do for yourself. 
What kind of "help" are you looking for? 
Again: We can't help. 
Only you can. 

You know what you need to do. 
Do it, and quit fuckin' around ... or die early. 
It's that simple. 


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