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On 5/18/2020 at 1:11 AM, JH63 said:


    I have quit many times before. I just gave up a twenty day quit two weeks ago. A couple years ago I quit for seventeen weeks. I've quit many other times over the years for different lengths of time. I just can't make my quits stick.

You have not Quit yet. 
You've merely abstained for irrelevantly short periods of time. 
Quitting is forever. 
You ... y'know ... Quit. 
Never to have another again.

7 (so-called) "quits" in a year is not  A-Thing™, no matter how long or short you happened to abstain. 

A Quit is ... y'know ... QUIT. 
Not a Pause. 
Not a temporary "I'm not smoking now" ... 
But a ... Quit. 

ALSO:  Quit fuckin' around. 
Shit or get of the pot, right? 


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21 hours ago, JH63 said:

HI People,

               Day three is done! It was better than yesterday, but not as good as day one.

@MarylandQuitter I understand what you are saying. I've always been a person who thinks about the glass being half empty, not have full. This goes for everything in my life not just quitting smoking.  It's a wonder I have been able to do the things in my life that I have, considering my negative attitude.

               I was thinking today about all the people I know who have quit smoking, and how many people I associate with, both family and friends who smoke. The number is zero! I see other people who smoke when I'm out, but  I don't know one other smoker. My bother quit smoking four years ago, but he started using snuff as a replacement. I won't do that!

              I'll keep going and try to think more positively about what I am doing for myself.

Take Care!



What "you've always done" obviously isn't a recipe for success, is it? No plan. You're not ready yet. 

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On 1/4/2021 at 1:08 AM, JH63 said:

I've always been a person who thinks about the glass being half empty, not have full. This goes for everything in my life not just quitting smoking. 


Optimism and motivation are good, but they are too fickle to be counted on.


This is why making a commitment is so important.  Even when you feel unmotivated and pessimistic, you keep trudging forward.  Not because you feel like it, but because you're on a mission.


Some days you grab the quit by the balls and swing it around.  Other days, you just punch the clock and do the work.

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Great job JH! Quit as many times as you have to until your quit really sticks! Watch the Joel Spitzer videos for motivation and good counsel. Kinda like your own personal therapist. This is a great place to educate yourself and get support. Just keep quitting til the quit sticks!

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