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2 Years and Counting

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It’s been 2 years since I’ve had a smoke.That’s roughly 15,000 cigarettes not smoked. That number blows my mind.


2 years since I decided that living is more important than choosing to slowly kill myself.


2 years since I decided it was more important to grow old with the one that I love than to put something in my mouth and light it on fire.


It seems so long ago and far away that I hardly remember what it was like to be a smoker and sometimes even forget that I was.


2 years of freedom


It makes me mad that my old man, who was a hell of a lot tougher than I am, couldn’t quit. He’d give it up for lent every year (and what a miserable 40 days that was), but he’d start right back up every time.


It makes me sad that he chose smoking over me and my brothers and sisters. Cigarettes were more important than living to see his children and grandchildren grow old.

He smoked up to his final days and took his last breath at the age of 56. I think he would have been a cool old man, but I’ll never know.


**** cigarettes


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you Know what makes me Mad !  My Father never smoked, Never Drank, didn't use salt, road his Bicycle to work and back every day for years,His biggest sin Dr Pepper.  He died of a Massive Heart attack age 67, that is seven years more than I am now.  

Super work on your two years Jim, I know the Forum would rather see you still quit than to Spank you with the wet noddles.   

Keep up the Great work,  Its good to have successful quiter to look up to.

Once again Jim 



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G’day Jim

2 years.... sounds so simple, but if I remember rightly it wasn’t all plain sailing for you. You fell off the wagon and had to get back up.

Well done and well deserved 2 years


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You do not remember correctly.  I quit on Feb 9 2017 and haven't touched a cigarette since. I didn't "fall off the wagon".


Thanks though.

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