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  1. Hi Doreen, good to see I am not the only one awake but I am about tp drop.

    Just wanted to give you personal thanks for making me so welcome to the board and your help in how things work.  I think I may have traded one addiction for another;  This is the habit I want to keep


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    2. Kris


      Thanks I am about off to bed for the second time.  I am grateful  your are still up. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. I am going to the doctor on friday, I hope she can do something so I can sleep.


    3. Doreensfree


      Good night / Good Morning ...I'm in the UK ....so it's Breakfast time ❤

    4. Kris


      Really the UK, how cool! I have an infatuation with your country.

      I dream of living in a country village in a sweet little village where I would  be able to walk to the shops. I see your life there, based off the BBC.  Shows like Doc Martin, I would love to live in that place.


      Speaking of breakfast the bread I have been baking is called English Muffin Bread, it is kind of like Cottage bread great for toast.


      Now since we have connected on the site if you teach me all things British, I will teach you all things Texan.


      I am going to go have some toast now.


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