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  1. Way to go. Nancy rules. Long time egg and wearer of proper shoes she has been trying to bring the girls up to an acceptable level to visit any Walmart in America. She also provided help and an ear to many who wear everybody else thin in patience. great to know her although anytime I travel her direction her house moves 150 miles away.
  2. Great job window licker!!!
  3. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    7. Saz- fireworks?
  4. Just have some nice shoes and the turquoise scarf
  5. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    Win #26783. sticks rule chicks droll
  6. We arrive same day. But about an hour North in the Villages. Won't be coming to animal kingdom but Sunday might work...who am I kidding....Will drink too much Saturday to want to be around all those kids in the heat. My kids come over on 3rd but maybe drive down to see you Monday -Wednesday some time wife wants to shop the outlets there and give us something to do
  7. Can't find smarti's post but anyone still getting it together in Florida near 4th of July? Wife and I will be there that weekend saw on buddybook that smarti bought new luggage....

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