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**New Game** Your Favorite Things A - Z


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Trains.... especially the Quit Train ?


This one here is the Karanda  Scenic Railway, which runs from Cairns in Australia, Me and my hubby had the pleasure of a ride on this one when we stayed in Oz


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I have a packet of choccy jam ones in the pantry @catlover ... but I kid you not I just opened a bag of Lammington flavoured M&Ms...... how good are lammingtons! I make green and gold ones for Australia Day... and if you pm me I can give you the lazy arse cheat recipe to make your own... no baking required... cos I'm a working single mum, I need me cheat codes for life. :D or I can give you me grandma's recipe which is what I use when I have the time.


Spaghetti Carbonara




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ooh those Lamminton M&M'S sounds fab! how come we don't have them here ( not fair ?) Thankyou, yes the recipe will be great I will pm you , no cooking you say! interesting. ooh Grandma's reccipe sounds even better ?

I love cake rolled in jam and coconut, over here I think we call them madeleines https://www.bakingmad.com/recipe/english-coconut-madeleines


ps should the next favourite thing begin with M .... jus sayin lol...


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