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Almost 1 year and still coughing up flem ?


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still have a cough and flem after a year, having hard times breathing waking up short of breath.  Guess I need to go see the doc again.

I have spoken to them on calls but they didn't get excited about none of it.

 I guess I could get a nurses visit pretty quickly,  should I bother ?

Is it me just being over concerned ?

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If you want answers, see your doctor; request pulmonary function tests; request low dose cat scan (should be free); and in the meantime buy an oximeter (cheap and readily available) to track 02 levels during various activities.  As Doreen noted, if nothing else you will be giving yourself some peace of mind.  Priceless. 

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Agree with @Jordan7, get the ct scan for sure.  I did not know until 3 months ago that most insurance covered it.  It was 3 months ago I quit after showing beginning of emphysema.  My cough was gone in just a few days.  If I felt like you do I would want the full work up.  Other things can contribute to breathing problems, allergies or even cardiac issues.

Take care of yourself, you did not quit to get sick from something else.


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Ya I go see my nurse, They have been thru my heart 3 times I have communicated all that I have here both in writing and verbally with my doctor.  I do agree It is now starting to concern me,  and I need to get things checked out.  Besides I do not mind a bit going to see my Nurses

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