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  1. Gorgeous!! She looks Like a pappoos!! Congrats!!!
  2. NOT YOUR FATHERS ROOTBEER ... For meeeee!! Soo yummy!!
  3. I'm with him^^^. Yup beers. Plus fishing boating and sunbathing. And the folks over Sunday for their anniversary dinner!
  4. So. Yeah. I been AWOL. Pretty much.. Shheeesshh just no time but wanted to see how everyone's doing!?oh yeah. And in 12 days. I will see my beloved Kid Rock again !! I see some of you on FB which is grreeeaaatt. I miss chatting and keeping up with u alll!!
  5. Arrghhh hit the wrong link on my phone. Can an admin please move this to the social page. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone! I don't get much time to come here but wanted to pop in and at least Say hi!! If anyone wants to add me as s friend on Facebook chances are you can find me there more. Just message me. If not, that is ok too.. I hope everyone is good I miss the fun, and the chats.. You quitters rock!! Almost 7 years free for me!! Be well. Hugs!
  7. Hahahah! You know I adore you Super Sonic.... really. that was cool!!!! made my day me friend.... hugs.
  8. Ugh I know i know. i am not ever here, but i think of you all often. I am glad to see alot of you still here posting too. and Still quit!!!!!!!!!!!! yippee Life has been well. life. not good not bad just kinda, eehh. My Hives are gone. these injections I get that are $800 a pop are working{ thankfully insurance pays for them}I get them every 4 weeks and have had 2 injections so far,,, one in each arm. OW!!!!....... and they give me bad headaches off an on but hey,,, if the hives stay away~~~ BONUS cuz that royally F'ing sucks itching constantly. My dear mom had a stroke a few weeks ago. I guess she has quit smoking and is on the patch, but I think she is hiding her smoking......... i wont ask her,, her business......... but she did make it though ok and has movement of her leg again. Bonus. I am grateful for that...... the woman has been though alot. I have been working OT here and there. I moved schools and I love it!Its a middle school, 6,7,8th grade. The staff is great and the kids are a bit more mellow then the inner city high school i was at. I tell ya, some of those kids dont stand a chance unfortunantely............ sad but its true. I see alot that others do not on a daily basis, I wish parents would be parents. 10 more days and we leave for Florida. I hope it warms up there a bit... Not been too warm according to the weather.......... but anything will be warmer then our -15 temps and -30 windchills lately............ sheeshh. How is everyone else. please let me know.. i really miss you guys. i could use a live chat some mid morning if anyone is up for it......... maybe we need a poll? lol hugs and love. Cher
  9. GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and only 25 more days til im in Florida
  10. YAY!!! Love stories like this and I am super happy for everyone.... :) Cute kiddos!!!
  11. Nooooooooooooooooooooooope! thats a fact jack!
  12. hardy harr harrrrrrr twig and berries... cracks me up every time. Sonic,, you be nawty.
  13. i only have 12, im so mean. lolol
  14. thanks for the updates,, been praying for her...

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