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  1. My wife demanded I get something lite for lunch
  2. Kris I ate my melted Styrofoam box with my chow main the other day.
  3. I think so, I keep coughing up what looks to Be little packing foam balls, Though My Chow main was a little crunchy? I am kinda worried about tomorrow Morning could be pooping reinforced Chow main daggers . Cold be getting a free piercing ?
  4. Bet none of you have had a true bag lunch like I am having. I brought my leftover Chenise to work today for a late morning breakfast. Put it into the Microwave and then went to get a soda, came back and my Styrofoam box was gone, My food was setting in the bottom of the Bag ? Did I get Box napped ?
  5. Kris your in Texas? I could be there for dinner by tomorrow ?
  6. I remember back in time we would spark up the oven to 250 I would pick a Chicken pot Pie, The oldest brother Fried chicken dinner, Bo just above me any dinner the had the apple cobbler and Marky the baby got the beef pot pie. Marky and I couldn't reach the freezer yet and the older brother decided the Banquet TV dinners were theirs.
  7. Hey Justsomeguy this is OPAH Some old guy, when you get to My age you will be thanking your self for this today. you will avoid The heart attracts, the lung disease, most of the bad shit all of us that wait till late in life to make this most precious decision. Your kids Grand kids and great grand kids will love you for being there, instead of hearing storing about you. This is a Noble fight, shine up your armor, Brush your best steed and stick it to your smoking habit. You are your own knight in shining armor.
  8. You are very perceptive Kris, Yes it is, my new work of art, one of many fine tools I have to put Meat on the Table and Home protection. I totally agree Kris, Totally
  9. Pie can be Dinner, We use to go out and spend the Day picking cherries, all the different Types red, Dark red, gold, yellow, 100.0 or so bucks, it was a family pick couldn't turn any one of the kids cherries away. We would divide them in enough for two pies and the rest went home with every body. The pies ! all the smells, from pitting the cherries to stewing some for the syrup and the final Baking. Yes it is one of the smells that will drive a neighborhood crazy. yes it most definitely is cherry Pie for dinner
  10. She's just to good to Be true, I got to hold her today smooth and dark. Perfectly shaped and her weight is just right not too Heavy not too lite. I must wait 10 days before I can bring her Home to stay, Shower her with expensive accessories. then a day out on the range, and see how well she struts her stuff, quite and demure with a soft report she removes all that is in front of her. clover leaf after clover leaf.
  11. Nuts are for trail mix, Now Cherries are for Pie !
  12. seriously rock painting Kits ? what do you paint on the rocks the Virgin Mary ? what about the Titanic it went down like a rock ?
  13. Just too many hours at work, my wife is caring for her Mom I am caring for my mom, Had to do my Landry Last night about midnight woke up this morning still beat. Got with my boss we may be getting the missing SMO hired here soon. Let him know I was all of those words
  14. Depleted, worn-out, nothing left, empty, barren, exhausted, consumed, Expended, spent, used up, drained, did i miss any ?
  15. I am shoveling a cold bean and cheese burrito down my throat. we had a new forklift driver decide to remove a section of conveyor 16 foot high by running the mast of his forklift thru it. We are in the process of removing the Now "U" shaped straight away over pass and straightening it and reinstalling it. Brought my Boss in from his day off, ya you now how that went, he ran around barked and growled, waved hos arms in the air. and I believe has left for home. hopefully. so i felt it a good opportunity to catch a bite, Damn wouldn't you know it he just called and wanted to know if I were down with the Guys fixing the conveyor ? Just don't know about this guy
  16. Jill I don't think it was enough to get down the coast, the clouds Backed up on the mountains. Gave us a lite but steady rain for a couple of hours. Really made my day, pulled me out of the slump I was in. still in that shadow of gloom this morning. Smokes are so far from my mind i had to think about it to write this.
  17. Damn hit happen the smell is rushing thru my office, it has o be coming from outside, Man I LOVE the smell, I have got to go outside just to enjoy it in all its glory. AWE yes the smell of hot asphalt getting fresh rain on it. Gives me the chills up and down my Back. Not sure how many months it has been since the last time I smelled it. But it has been to long
  18. Listening to the sad stuff Last one I promise
  19. Ya My 98 year old grandmother would chase us out of the house with a willow switch and man she was good with that thing. My cousin and I still laugh about those days, totally different time, Loved that woman, seems I was so much closer to my grand parents than my parents, they handled two rowdy youngsters well. we were in almond/Walnut country plenty of land to roam, and a fair amount of trouble to get into.
  20. Obviously you never had a Grandmother that was an expert with a willow switch or a Grandfather Pro with an uglystick !
  21. Hey you all, got my issue back under control, the craves are no where to be felt and being a non smoker is as natural as it was to be a smokers to me. I guess summer is over ? Not in the heat but in the date, The cooler months where the real smoker months, cool, cold, camp fires, hunting. but this is the second time around for these triggers and I should have no issues with them. Starting to collect non smoking hunting buds, it is much more fun with other people. maybe I can get back to Deer hunting next season.
  22. YOU TOO Kris! I got out of bed looked in the mirror and was startled by this old man looking back at me.
  23. Thank you and I understand what you are saying, and what my mom and wife are saying, the doctor, my nurse and I have spoken on these issues and they feel it is not a major issue. I will get the time to go see them and then take all the test which is more time off and then go back and discuss the tests which is more time off. I have my annual physical in February shit it sound like I am speaking to my wife and Mom. I will make an appointment, Thank you for caring and for your advice it is not being blown off. Thank you Kris and all

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