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  1. I tried to message you to see how you are and to tell you how awesome you are, but your're not able to get messages?  Have you blocked me?!:86_crying_cat_face:  Anyway, thanks for being your awesome self.  Carry on!

    1. notsmokinjo


      Thanks for the great ego boost, because I am such a delicate flower I certainly need it...LOL... Not sure why I can't get your PMs... I had 10% clear space (that can be an issue with me) and I just deleted some old stuff which freed up some more space... I don't have anyone on block but I will check just incase... I will try pm'ing you. I do know that if you tried to use an old pm we had and I had deleted it on my end then you can send and send but I will never see it... at the top of the pms its will say has left conversation.

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