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  1. Hi Oona & welcome to our quit train :) 


    Most of us thought we liked smoking as well but slowly, as we educated ourselves more and more about nicotine addiction once we had quit, we realized that we were just addicts. Smoking needed us - not the other way around. You see, addiction can't continue to live and thrive without us feeding it. 


    You've got a pretty nice start to your quit. I recommend you spend as much time here with us reading other posts and watching some of the videos as well when you can relate to one of the video's subjects. Knowledge is power and will see you through to life long freedom!

    Hope you stick around. You won't regret it!

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  2. Cat Saga - Based on a True Story


    20lb Black cat enters paper bag contrary to owner's verbal instructions



    Cat pondering this new environment



    Cat becomes agitated at the dangly handle thing, as owner looks on and realizes what's coming next



    Cat does exactly what owner thought and sticks head through 

    dangly handle and becomes immediately stuck. Cat begins to freak out while owner struggles with 20lb feline while trying to remove it's head from the handle!



    Owner cat proofs bag!




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  3. OK - got it. Didn't know it had been hidden but makes sense. Makes the main screen cleaner :) 

    Wonder how long it will take me to click the wrong one and "Report" my own post 😱

    Wait for it ................................


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  4. I'm going with #2 as the lie. Although silver dollars we available back in the day, you pretty much had to go to the bank and get them cuz they weren't widely used in general day to day transactions. It's possible that happened but a bit unusual perhaps? (It's probably #1 cuz that's just nuts 😂)

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  5. 10 hours ago, jillar said:


    You really gotta readjust your profile pic my friend, it's hard to look at you with only half a head 😂😂


    4 hours ago, Doreensfree said:


    I'm guessing D is looking for more details on how to do this?



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  6. Giving in mentally to a craving, loosing your focus happens Steven but the reason the SOS is so important is that it means you have to type out what you are experiencing then wait just a little while until you start getting replies. It's that delay time that could save your quit! It's not necessarily what any of us might say to you but more that the craving will have subsided at least a little and you have time to really think about what you are contemplating doing by lighting up again.


    If you haven't already, write an SOS message to yourself in advance. There's a thread in on the SOS page called Pre-Respond to Your Own SOS. After you send an SOS message for others to respond to, go there and read what you wrote to yourself in a more lucid moment. 


    It all helps Steven :) 

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  7. @Doreensfree, you are perhaps starting to notice high hazy cloudiness on a clear day where you live courtesy of the fires burning west coast USA. We started noticing it here a few days ago. They say the jet stream has carried it as far as western Europe now. It's so high up in the atmosphere that it isn't affecting air breathing quality though.

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