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    Exact same here pretty much Nancy. My Mom's 99, soon to be 100 and in assisted living now. Can't even get into her Province so visits are out for us too 😞



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  2. Welcome Terri and YES! There's many here who can help you with a whole array of things. Why not go to the "Introductions & About Us Page on the main board and make a post telling us about yourself and how you plan to quit (going cold turkey or using a quit aid?).

    There are a ton of resources here to help you quit and lots of people more than willing to point you in the right direction to get those resources. There's a whole video page as well covering the subject of nicotine addiction and quitting. Knowledge Terri ; that's your key to quitting!

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  3. You're coming up to 7 months quit Kate. so you still have some strong remembrance of smoking in certain situations. Unexpectedly a seeminly strong urge to "have one" pops into your head. It's completely normal and happens to us all. That's what the 1 year pledge is for - to make sure you get past all those unplanned situations where your brain goes immediately to smoking, even though you may be surprised that it does this far into your quit. Remember .... every situation like this that you face and end up dismissing is another WIN for you :)  One more notch in your quit belt Kate.

    Soon, there'll be no more complete surprises, just vague memories of smoking for which we all have to remain vigilant but by then, it's pretty easy :) 

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  4. You know where your "Quit Home" is Linda and the whole family is here to support you.

    Stay close and let us know when we can step in to help you through the tough times :) 


    Know this:You have what it takes but, it will take all you have!


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  5. 1 hour ago, Linda said:

    Not great I have not given up yet, but I have smoked. I need to get my mind back  on the quit train.

    Don't EVER give up on quitting, even when you feel you need a break from the struggle because quitting will save you from even greater struggles with the quality of your life later on.

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