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  1. Why are there no polar bears in Antarctica yet there's penguins and why are there no penguins in the Arctic but there are polar bears. Seems to me the climate is similar in both places.

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  2. Oh my .... Deja vu with the last Braves Game but this time it's the Cards 😮 Wow! 7-0 top of 1st? 

    I would have bet money that the Cards would have handled the Nationals. Nationals/Astros World Series?

    The big $$ advertising machine won't like that match-up 😞 

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  3. I had a really stressful time about 6 weeks into my quit that really tested me. That was the last really big test for me. I mean, I had urges and what not after that but no real close call. You got through it and that alone will be there for you to call on in future. It's a good thing!! Sucks to have stress in your life but great to know you can get through it without even thinking about smoking - that's the silver lining to your dark cloud :) 

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  4. 32 minutes ago, Boo said:


    I don't care if he is hogging the plate, you don't throw high and tight at a polar bear.


    Pick your battles.

    No sh*t eh?

    They look pretty like an oversize stuffed toy but they's nasty mo-fo's, especially when they're hungry and .... they're always hungry 😟

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  5. Fabulous news Juan!! Congratulations. Now, keep moving forward because things will only get better and better from here on. Stay strong and don't let down your guard. Being quit for life is your goal and you've shown you can do it :) 



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  6. 18 minutes ago, abbynormal said:

    It's also important to learn to be by yourself. I had to learn that when I quit. Find ways to enjoy your own company.

    This statement is not only true but pretty significant because smoking used to be that excuse for me to spend time away from everything; people, problems, stressful issues etc. It takes time to replace that alone time with something more positive and constructive but it does happen. We all find ways to fill that void. I used to think smoking was my friend and trusty companion who never judged me, never criticized me but was always there as an excuse for me to break away from things. Now I know the truth. Smoking never did me any good at all for me in fact it kept me from finding positive ways to deal with life. Life is now so much better without "my friend"!

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  7. Welcome to Quit Train Kat :) Glad you are wanting to get serious about this quitting thing because your future health and wealth will depend on your quitting and staying quit. You are wise to start while you are still young too!

    Reshaping your life to exclude smoking does take effort and time, a lot of time actually because so many things in our daily life revolved around having that smoke. Especially when you are bored or tired. How you fill that gap is really up to you and what ever your lifestyle will allow. Keeping yourself busy and distracted is important though in the early stages of your quit. There's tons you can do to occupy yourself at little or no cost. Go for a walk, huddle in your apartment and watch some TV or movies. Come here and play some of the mindless games on the game page. Take up a new hobby maybe? Is there anything you's always wanted to do but just haven't done it yet? Get creative in how you can use your time and be sure to reward yourself for each hurdle you get over. Rewards are important. Stick around here too for support from other quitters. We've all been exactly where you are right now so you are NOT alone in this. Post a lot here too. It really does help you to communicate with other quitters. It will also hep to keep your commitment strong too :) 

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  8. 24 minutes ago, Vivianne said:

    Goodmorning powerful people!! 


    It's still Goodnight" where I am lol.

    I expect D will be up soon too and be chomping at the bit to play Chicks Or Sticks 😞 

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