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  1. On the main page of this forum there's a list of individual pages that you can access and read until your eyes bleed (lol). There is one page Titled: Joel Spritzer's Quit Smoking Video Library. There's a train load of videos there about quitting.


    You are welcome to comment on any post you read that strikes a note with you. You can also post a new topic on most pages if you like. Be sure to go to the Daily NOPE pledge daily and post up your NOPE. It helps. CB Dave normally posts the next day's Nope on that page. Depending on where you live, it could be almost a day early as he's in Australia :) 


    Anyway, read on. Spend lots of time here. It helps to hang with other nonsmokers. We even have a Games page. There's some cool time-wasters there and you'll be interacting with other forum members at the same time - it's fun! Take advantage. Explore the forum.

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  2. Welcome aboard the Quit Train Mellymark! You've found a place where like minded people gather to share information and support each other through their quit journeys. First off. you're right. Education is key to quitting and staying quit! There's a ton of that here. All kinds of old posts from people just like you trying to quit. There's a wealth of information in those posts so keep browsing! There's also a ton of videos about smoking and quitting in the Joel Spitzer's Video page.


    First thing you need to contemplate is that this is not only a habit or series of habits but it is an addiction to nicotine. That's the tough part right there. We are all nicotine addicts, whether you smoke 1 cig a day or 100. Understanding that and how nicotine addiction works to keep us smoking is key to quitting. Research and read all you can. Ask questions and participate as much as you can here. I truly believe you'll find the answers you're looking for.

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  3. LOL - I started one at the same time :) 

    Moving my comments over here so we just have one thread.


    Congrats @Nana20! You've done it!! 1 full month shutting down your addiction's demands to feed it. That's an amazing feat!

    It really will get easier from here. You have all the tools you need to kick the nicodemon's A*s and a great support team here to keep cheering you on. 

    You're building a brighter future for yourself. What could be more important that that?



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  4. Hey @Nana20! Trust me this WILL pass. You're doing the right things by remaining on guard and chanting NOPE all day long if need be. The good news is these days, although we still have them occasionally even after a month, don't come nearly as often and I know in my case I would say I didn't have any more really tough days after about 6 weeks into my quit. 


    Hang in there, try to get as much alone time if others are setting you off and practice some deep breathing to help with the anxiousness/irritability. Try to focus on the good things you've seen over this past month and give yourself some credit for a job well done! :)  1 Month quit is a super important milestone! If you can do that first month then a year is now well within your sights!



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  5. For sure, replant them in a bigger container when you get all that stuff together. They'll last in the pot they came in for a while. Just make sure you water when they get dry and give them some sunlight if you're keeping them indoors initially. You do get sun over there in England occasionally right 😂

    Like a lot of things, google is your friend. You can learn a lot of care tips by reading up on that plant in particular. Good luck with it :) 


    Here's some of the stuff we've been growing this year :) 

    Catnip plants in containers. They were just a tiny stem and two tiny leaves 6 weeks ago. Now they're flowering :)





    Clematises are doing well too!



    Not even sure what these are but they're nice to look at 😍



    Then there's container grown strawberries. Looks like harvest time is soon?



    And of course the obligatory hanging basket lol!





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  6. Not familiar with that plant but looks nice :) If you're planting in a container (pot) just make sure you have an appropriate size pot (likely 4-6 " diameter pot or larger). Use potting soil not regular dirt from your garden and make sure the pot has proper drainage as in a hole in the bottom for drainage and you can also put some small rocks or stones in the bottom of the pot to help water drain. You don't want root-rot. In terms of fertilizing, you can look that up to see if it's recommended for that plant in particular and when to fertilize it. Plants often come with a little plastic card like thing stuck in the pot they are sold in. There's a lot of useful info. printed on those as well.

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  7. What kind of plants?

    I'm growing a bunch of catnip in containers this year. They are flowering already so I gotta prune them back so I get a second flowering before winter.

    Will be a happy winter for the cats this year 🥴


    Be aware of the plants sunlight requirements and plant them in a spot appropriate to their sunlight needs (full/partial/shade). Also know their watering requirements. Plants in containers will need more frequent watering than those in the ground. Sun exposure and weather will also determine watering needs. It's been pushing mid 40's here this past week or so. I've been watering twice daily for plants getting full sun. Had to move my catnip plants as the leaves were wilting from too much heat & sun. Move to a shadier spot and they've perked back up today.


    I'm sure the real gardeners here will give you lots more info. Knowing what plant(s) you have will help though.

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