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  1. 5 hours ago, Mac#23 said:

    You see, us newbies get it?


     I still think of myself as a newbie most of the time. Just a newbie who doesn't think about smoking anymore :) 

    I look back at being a newbie as sort of that saying in the book I had to read in school: It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. I don't know cuz I probably flunked all those classes anyway but being a newbie is where it's at as far as I'm concerned.  Highs and lows, that's where the excitement is!

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  2. 16 minutes ago, JohnQ said:


    I just want to put in my opinion on this. Scaring a smoker into quitting doesn't work.


    I remembered several years ago I wanted to quit for good so I tried to scare myself by looking at the quit smoking TV Ads, and videos that shows all horrible illness from smoking, the damaged lungs, the people dying from smoking diseases with tubes hanging out from their noses, their throat, the hole in the neck, they could hardly breath but still tried to plead to smokers to quit before it's too late.  I wasn't able to quit long, eventually I chose to ignore it, to convince myself that it doesn't happen to everyone, I convinced myself to exercise to offset the smoking, etc.  Like every addict, I lied to myself so I could smoke again.


    Most (or almost every) smokers know smoking is extremely bad for their health, they know the damages that smoking can do to their body, but they still choose to ignore it, simply because they don't understand the Nicotine addiction and they're powerless against it.  I believe the education about the Nicotine addiction is most beneficial key to quit smoking, it has been helping me tremendously.  After 3 months, I know I no longer have any actual withdrawal, I understand that any "cravings" I have now are just mental so I can get by them much easier than before, I know now that smoking doesn't help to relax, doesn't help to concentrate, doesn't help ANYTHING period.  And I no longer want to be slaved to the Nicotine addiction. 


    The knowledge from educating myself about the addiction helped me quit, but knowledge about health damage didn't.  Just my 2 cents.



    ^^^^ Yeah this. He get's it!

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  3. 2 hours ago, jillar said:

    Woke up to the skies glowing orange from all the fires burning 😞

    Heard it's bad this year already and you're just getting into fire season - try and stay safe! Good God! Fires, Covid ... give us a break already!!  

    Hope you're area isn't around brush and grassy areas 🙏

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  4. Huge congrats to you today Darcy! A half year quit; 6 months, is an exciting milestone for sure. You conquered the worst of things. Now it's about honing that quit to fit your your still developing smoke free lifestyle. Be Proud! Be excited and celebrate this occasion by treating yourself to something a little special (and maybe expensive too? :) )


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  5. 12


    I found the registry where the last Chick Win was recorded.

    WOW! Didn't realize it had been THAT long ago 🤯


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  6. Quit symptoms such as you describe can last longer or shorter periods of time from person to person. Your lungs have a lot of clearing out to do. If it continues for some time, see your Doc, as Jillar suggested. Doesn't hurt to rule out other issues that may need medical attention.


    Welcome to Quit Train by the way! Congrats on a great start to your quit :) 

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